Camaro Street Racing Car: The History and the Relation with the Gran Turismo

Let us talk about the Camaro street racing car. But, before we indulge ourselves further into the Camaro cars, we need to get to know a few things first about street-car racing. Who does not know about street racing? Many people said that street racing is illegal, is it now? It s true that in the past, people start a fight by doing a street-car racing. Of course, this kind of thing makes people terrified. The idea of street-car racing then develops into something that only “troublesome” people get into the street-car racing. Even though there are already legal street-car races, many people still think that street-car racing is useless. But, enough about that. The focus of the street-car racing is not about whether it is illegally or legally conducted, but it is about the car.

Instead of talking and discussing turn signals, 91 octanes, or factory body panels, why do not we talk about the history behind the street-car racing and the technology that people used back then on their cars? What did they do with their cars to make them confident in joining the street-car racing? Or we can also discuss the tire and whether they add a turbo for their car or not.

Brief History of Street-Car Racing

Regardless of whether the street-car racing is illegal or not, the history of this street racing goes all the way back to the first formal street-racing car which people called the drag races. Back in 1951, people started to do the first street-car racing which was conducted in Wally Parks. Here, people race to show what they have in their cars. Also, each year, the theme model of the car was changed. Starting from stock cars then Gassers, then Altered Wheelbase, then Funny Cars, then Pro Stock, and many more. As time goes by, the street-racing car develops into more complex and a little bit pricey. Hence, it is not a surprising thing when there is an underground street-car racing with a much cheaper and less complex system.

Now, of course, the all-time favorite car used in the street-car racing is Camaro street racing car. Thus, in this article, we are going to talk about the stunning piece of art of Chevrolet Camaro which is Chevrolet Camaro LM Race Car.

Brief History of Chevrolet Camaro and Gran Turismo

Before we get further into the Camaro cars, we need to learn a little bit of the history of the relation between Chevrolet Camaro and Gran Turismo.

Now, you all must have been wondering what is the connection between Chevrolet Camaro Race Car and Gran Turismo. Here is the thing, both Gran Turismo and Chevrolet Camaro go all the way back. For your information, the race car version of the Camaro was used at the first installment of the Gran Turismo. This race car was the first sports car that was used in the game.

Chevrolet gave birth to Camaro back in 1966. The Camaro is designed to compete with Ford Mustang. Since the birth of Camaro, the front-engine of both Mustang and Camaro dominated the pony car category in the United States of America. However, the race car which was used in the first game or Gran Turismo is based on the fourth-generation of the Chevrolet Camaro SS. This model was designed to have a high performance. Underneath the hood of this Camaro SS, there is a brawny 5.7-liter OHV V8 that can produce 319 HP at 5,200 rpm but can increase up to 591 HP in full-bore race spec.

Chevrolet Camaro LM Race Car

As you can see from the name, Camaro LM Race Car is manufactured by Chevrolet. The production of this car is based on the fourth generation of Camaro which appeared for the first time in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. Eventually, this Camaro car makes an appearance in every game except Gran Turismo Sport. For the color, this Camaro car is produced in 4 colors which are red, blue, black, and green.

As for the measurement of this Chevrolet Camaro LM Race Car, this car has 193.5 inches length with 75.2 inches wide and also 48.8 inches tall. The fender of this Camaro LM Race Car has been widened around 0.3 inches. This is done to give accommodation of wider tires to improve the car’s performance. There are also several modifications of this car that includes racing-spec front and rear spoilers. However, the most significant change that you can see from this car is the composite body. Meaning, this car’s weight has been down from 1,560 kg to 1,160 kg. With the new composite body, it cut off 400 kg from the original weight.

Final Thoughts

Camaro street racing car was first making its appearance in the Gran Turismo 3 as the prize car. Then, this car also made its appearance in the Gran Turismo 4 then Gran Turismo PSP and then Gran Turismo 5 then the last one is Gran Turismo 6.

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