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You could knock out your top competitors online on Google to start getting a little bit more traffic. There are three things that you could do with auto body shop SEO. Number one is content on your website. Number two is keywords for your website. Number three is backlinks which are links from other websites on the web that point back to your site.

The first thing you only have about five or six hundred words. Google likes to see at least 1500 words. So that it can really read through your page to know exactly what is there. It also allows you to get more keywords into that page to register for Google. Number two, we need to check and make sure that these images have been optimized. And we definitely need to get your phone number readily available on around a few more times. Because people tend to search on mobile phones a lot more. The easier it is to find your mobile number, the more likely they are to turn into a customer.

Put your website into Ahrefs. You can see exactly what’s going on in your site. It is helping or not getting your site ranked on the top pages. If you are trying to get traffic, this is basically Google’s trust rating. They have absolutely idea what your site is. Your domain authority is you gain that authority through citations coming back through you. That is mention of your name number and website from local businesses around the area. Basically it is to show Google that they trust you. They would use you and recommend you to other people. Backlinks were most important things on auto body shop SEO which were links coming back from any website on the web pointing back at your site. Once again it is showing trust from those sites. Organic keywords are keywords like mobile bumper repair, dent repair, paintless dent removal, etc. Those are what Google is looking for. So it knows when people type into Google a search term that you have as a keyword. It will bring you up on the front page of Google.

On top page of Google, there are ads called pay-per-click ads. It is usually not much so they can generate a fair bit of traffic. However, most people do tend to go into organic results or the Google map. You need to get in these top three because a lot of local businesses generated through this map. You are always going to see the review sites first because they are huge websites. They have a lot of links coming into them so Google values them.

Auto Body Shop SEO Company

Number three is backlink. What I do first is go after these links. It is not going to take a lot for you to beat top competitors out. You could do that yourself or you can hire someone like us who can do it quickly and affordably with automotive guest post on this website. It will make sure that you maintain the top spot for years to come.

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