• 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – First Copy Has Been Sold

    The most anticipated 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 price as hammered at $1.1 million for its first copy, the VIN 001 at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    All photos by Alfredo Enrique De Lorenzo

    So, who is the winner for the amazing number of the bidder? They are Craig Jackson and the CEO of Barret-Jackson. With this winning bidding, they are now allowed to customize the car with a number of colors and options. Interestingly, this huge number is for JDFR, an organization that is focusing on Type 1 diabetes research. Each year, Ford has contributed more than $3.5 to this organization.

    So, let’s skip the auction event and move to the engine of the supercar.

    Muscle Mass

    The new 202 Shely GT500 is expected to come with 5.2-liter which is related to the 526-hp GT350. The difference is this series comes with a cross-plane crankshaft. This is also supported by a 2.65L  with 700 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. It is estimated that the Ford can do 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

    Still, Ford hasn’t beat the 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with its 6.2 liters Hemi V-8. Another brand such as Hellcat Redeye comes with 797 hp and also 707 lb-ft.

    Switching Gears

    The GT500 comes with Tremec-sourced 7-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission. There is no manual in the series. Meanwhile, the Camaro ZL1 offers two choices with 10 speeds automatic and 6-speed manual. Ford decided to choose the twin-clutch because its easiness to handle the high torque of Supercharged V-8.

    Track Capability

    The good news is the GT500 will be a high-horsepower for its performance. Besides, it is made of composite material so it is lighter. A rear seat also plays a big role in making the car lighter.

    Other interesting features are the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and adjustable magnetic shocks. This is interesting as all GT500 features Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and magnetic shocks as standard.

    On the other hand, the Challenger Hellcat comes with a wider model with 3.5 inches and 20×11 inches wheels and it is wrapped with 305/40 size Pirelli P Zero tires.

    The Cockpit

    GT500 comes with the standard Mustang fare. The Shelby-specific graphics feature the digital instrument cluster and its dash has carbon-fiber accents. This series features electronic rotary shifter which is similar to the other modern series from Ford. It comes also with standard two seats with well-bolstered Recaro buckets which makes it look so fancy. There is also an 8-inch of a touchscreen with its standard Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system.

    Another series from ZL1 comes with Recaro seats with luxurious red seat belts and a flat-bottom steering wheel that is made of suede. It features an 8-inch touchscreen of apple airplay and also Android Auto capability. There are Daa Recorder system, high-definition camera, telemetry recorder, dedicated microphone, and dedicated SD card slot.

    Well, the MSRP for this 2020 GT500 hasn’t been confirmed yet. But for a premium over, this is estimated to be around $60,230. So, wait for it until this 2019’s fall to test.

  • A First Look of Ford’s 2020 Explorer, Specs and Release

    Another series to come next year is the Ford’s 2020 Explorer that is to be the sixth generation of 3-row SUV. It will be the series with re-engineering and redesigning of the first model. However, of course, there are some updates included in the new series.

    First Look of 2020 Ford Explorer

    At first sight, the new 2020 Ford Explorer doesn’t look different from its predecessor, but as you check under the skin, the manufacturer took a big leap on certain changes. It comes with more powerful engines, rear-drive platform until its spacious space promising you a more comfortable drive.

    The new Explorer is designed with the rear-wheel-drive platform completed with the safety tech, feature content and upgraded interior technologies.

    How Big Is The New Ford Explorer?

    Compared with other competitors and its predecessors, the new series comes with 198.8-inches which is so bulky and comfortable when you add more passengers inside. However, the Chevy Traverse is bigger and right now it is the biggest size. But the new Explorer is supported by the 119.1-inch wheelbases which are quite lengthy.

    In the inside of this series, there is more second- and third-row legroom than other competitors except for the Traverse. It must be quite comfortable for more adults. Besides, there is more space for passengers’ things, especially the one located behind the third row.


    Just like we mentioned earlier, the exterior will be very similar but still, you will see a little different from the older version. It comes with the larger dimensions with overall length is 10 inches longer compared to the older one. This will give a greater cabin space. Besides, the body will use steel instead of aluminum.


    Of course, the interior is more efficient because it is bigger. It gives you more space for more passengers. The technologies that are obviously available are the 4G LTE along with the Wi-Fi, infotainment system and many more.

    Drivetrain and Chassis

    His comes with a longitudinally-placed engine and a better weight distribution of front-rear which deliver a better performance. The engine includes 2.7L EcoBoost V6 and also 3L Ecoboost V6 combined with the new Ford-speed automatic transmission. The weigh is also reduced to 200 pounds promising easy handling.


    The new Ford’s 2020 Explorer is expected to come with some engines from 2018-2019 models. So it is expected to have 3.3L V6, 300 horsepower with 265 pound-feet of torque. Meanwhile, the 2.3L EcoBoost I4 gasoline creates 280 horsepower and also 320 feet of torque. For the 3L EcoBoost V6 makes 400 pound-feet of torque and 400 horsepower.

    Safety Equipment

    The new Explorer 2020 is completed with the advanced safety features like Co-Pilot360 including pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assist, emergency braking, rear cross-traffic warning, blind spot, automatic high beams and also a rearview camera.

    This 2020 Explorer will be manufactured in Ford Chicago Assembly Plant in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The availability of the series is expected to be this summer 2019. Let’s hope that this 2020 Explorer will be the beginning of reproduction of its series.

  • New 2019 Ford Mustang Quick Review: Spec and Feature

    The Ford Mustang is a sport vehicle equipped with a powerful engine, upscale capacity and an improved design than the previous generation. The New Ford Mustang 2019 appeared with the classic Bullitt model, but the technology is modern one. This car is also more user-friendly so your driving experience will be more pleasant.

    Specification New Ford Mustang 2019

    The Mustang uses a V8 engine with 460-horsepower in the Bullitt series. Other series are Ecoboost, Ecoboost Premium, GT and GT Premium. Ecoboost uses a 2.3L 4 cylinder engine with 310 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. The difference between Bullitt and Ecoboost is the sound produced, which the Ecoboost engine produces more aggressive sounds.

    The dimensions of the car have 188.3 inch length, 75.4 inch width and 54.5 inch height. Wheels use aluminum with 18 inches size. The GT and GT Premium models still use 6-speed manual transmission. While the Bullit series has a 6-speed automatic transmission. The transmission is optional actually, therefore it can be upgraded up to 10-speed automatic.

    Car safety features consist of 5 airbags for the driver, passenger, front head, rear head and front side. Besides the brake system uses ABS, there is also stability control, and the headlights are equipped with daytime running light. Fuel consumption on city trips is 21 mpg, while on the highway is 31 mpg.

    This car already relies on keyless entry and keyless start, and even has a remote engine start feature. Car security systems are also guaranteed with vehicle anti-theft and alarm so you don’t have to worry about security. Another comfort side of this car is the existence of a garage door opener, wipers that can be adjusted in speed, steering wheel that has been wrapped with leather and adjustable steering position so that the driver is comfortable when driving.


    The striking transformation of this car is its wider cabin capacity. With its high quality, the user’s journey will be much more comfortable. The trim, seats and cabin wrapped with leather. This car whose its capacity of 4 passengers also have adjustable front-seats. At the rear, the cargo space is 11.4 cubic feet.

    Comfort features on this car include an audio system consisting of 9 speakers. You can also enjoy entertainment by connecting to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is available in the head unit feature. The car monitor has a responsive 8-inch touch screen that makes it easy for users to use.

    The air conditioner is regulated using automatic climate control and there are dual-zone settings. The car navigation system is also considered quite good, but it is still optional. However, Mustang already supports on-board hands-free communication systems and wireless cell phones. The smart device interface of this car is also quite responsive and user-friendly.


    The body style is fastback, meanwhile the Bullitt is completely the new one for the New Ford Mustang 2019 series. The front grille is black with Ford logo in the middle. Headlamps are designed with a dynamic shape and are equipped with auto-off headlights. The size of the tire is 18 inch. Strut type is its front suspension, while at the rear uses multi-link.

    New Ford Mustang 2019

    So, what do you think about the 2019 series from Ford? Interested?

  • Ford F-350 Tonka Truck – What’s New In 2019?

    After a long hiatus, Ford released the Tonka Truck again in 2019. This car was popular in 2002, but after that Ford did not make any improvement in this series. In 2019, the Ford F 350 Tonka Truck comes with various advanced features, the latest technology and more modern design. Ford released 6 trims that can satisfy the tastes of truck lovers who love cool and premium car.

    Ford Mighty F-350 Tonka Concept


    The F 350 Tonka uses a V-8 engine with 6.2 liters capacity. The horsepower is 385 hp with maximum torque of 430 lbs.-ft @ 3800 rpm. The drive train is rear wheel drive with 6-speed automatic over drve and auto-manual. The front suspension uses twin i-beam with anti roll bar, while the rear suspension is rigid axle.

    Car safety system is supported by four-wheel ABS brakes. In addition, there are airbags on the front and sides for the passangers. Power door locks are not only for passengers, but also for tailgate. The car security system includes keyless entry, full size spare tire, panic alarm and immobilizer.


    The seating capacity is only for 3 people. The shape of the seat is a bench wrapped in leather. The height of driver’s seat can be adjusted, while the reclining settings can be set manually both for the driver seat and passenger seat. The floor has been equipped with carpets even to the side of the bed truck. Generally, floor coatings are made of vinyl or rubber.

    The head unit is equipped with a touch-screen LCD monitor. There are also 5-speakers system, satellite radio trial, AM/ FM satellite. Wireless phone connectivity, radio data system, AM/ FM radio, and AppLink as their smart device integration system.

    Exterior of Ford F 350 Tonka Truck

    This car has masculine-look with black grille and its chrome accents. The bottom of the grille is a bumper with rub strips which has same color as the body. The rear and front are equipped with mud flaps to prevent the car from being disturbed when off-roading. Most of the body is quite lightweight because it is made of aluminum material. The look of the car is painted in metallic colors.

    The number of cars door is only 2 in black on the door handles. The view door mirror still uses the manual type for folding. However, there is already a turn signal indicator under the cover. The rear wheel size is 18 inches. Both of tires, front and rear uses 275/65 R18E. They are alloy wheels with chrome hub wheels cover. It makes the car look sporty.

    Pros and Cons

    The sophisticated engine makes this one vehicle more powerful. Diesel V8 makes your trip more comfortable even for mild off-road. In addition, the engine technology is also able to reduce fuel consumption significantly. Now users no longer need to worry about the fuel budget because Tonka Truck is quite economical in the super cab class.

    This car has been facilitated with sophisticated features so that the price of the Ford F 350 Tonka Truck is quite expensive. You need $34,320-$83,090 to get this one. Besides being expensive, Tonka is only available in automatic transmission and there is no offer to change into manual transmission.

  • 2018 Shelby Raptor Truck Specs and Price

    For you who love the truck, Shelby must be the brand you know well. This car only produced 500 units in 2018 so it sounds exclusive. When compared to the previous generation, the Ford Shelby Raptor Truck price is more expensive and it’s quite fantastic too. This is due to Ford providing it with a powerful engine, as sequence its performance is much better than the previous Shelby Raptor.

    Specification of Shelby Raptor

    The Shelby engine uses Twin-Turbo 3.5L V-6 with Ecoboost technology. The 3500 cc engine capacity is also supported with an output of 450 HP and a maximum torque of 510 lb-ft. But in the latest generation, the horsepower has increased by 75 HP as well as the torque which rose by 100 lb-ft. Adding numbers to that capacity results in a pleasant driving experience.

    Besides its very powerful engine, this car’s transmission also uses a 10-speed automatic gearbox. The combination of transmission and high horsepower makes this car suitable for off-road use. Although the previous generation also uses the same transmission, but the increase in horsepower and torque make this car more resilient.

    This supercab has dimensions of 220 inches length, 86.3 inches width, and 134.2 inches wheelbase. This vehicle is included in the all-wheel drive line-up. The capacity of the tank is 23.0 gal. Its consumption on city trips is 18 mpg, while on the highway is 16 mpg. In the truck car class, of course Shelby is still in economical class when it comes to fuel savings.

    Interior of Ford Shelby Raptor Truck Price

    As a truck, Shelby only has 2 seats. Each seat with a bench model covered with black and red leather. The overall car interior is black so it seems sporty. Both the driver and passenger seats, users can use height adjusters and reclining for a more comfortable seating position.


    Shelby is bold with its black big grille and FORD name on it. On the bumper there is an LED bar with a length of about 40″ which glowing in the dark. The headlights use LEDs for both the front and rear. This Ford Shelby Raptor price is about $ 117,460 and it’s worth to have since the design is getting better.

    This two-door car uses 17” front and rear wheels. The tire product is 245/70 R17 BSW AS. The suspension is a double wishbone with anti-roll bar. The rearview mirror and door handle use the same color as the body. Shelby appeared with very minimal chrome to maximize the impression of sportiness and off-road car.

    For race truck such as 2016 Ford Shelby F-150 Supercharged 700 HP, click here.

  • 2016 Ford Shelby F-150 Supercharged 700 HP – What You Can Expect From This Series?

    It’s not usual to see a good customized pickup truck, except the 2016 Shelby f-150 Supercharger 700 hp. This car was born from the cooperation of Shelby American and Tuscany Motor Co. It offers several features including its smoothness whenever you go whether on or offroad. Interestingly, this series offers a super cool performance with muscular style. Everyone will like the cobra logo inside and out.

    2016 Ford Shelby F-150 Supercharged 700 HP
    Photo by Hertj94 Photography

    If you remember the glory of Ford F-150 Tonka last 2014, we bet you must want they cooperate with the Shelby. Well, yes! They became a partner in 2015. This is why we see the generation of 2016 Shelby F-150 as a good news for everyone who is looking for a nice-looking truck with a powerful performance.

    Some of you who has just been interested in F-150 might be surprised. This is supported by 5.0 L Ti-VCT V8 which can deliver 385 hp and 387 lb-ft of torque. The company finally added a supercharger so it can result output up to 700 hp. There is also Borla dual exhaust system and can reach top speed from 0-60 mph in 4,5 seconds until 135 mph.

    Another upgrade to notice is the front bumper which comes with a tube frame that is featured with LED light-bar. The new bumper also features stainless steel rivets as well as the LED light pods. The cold air intake, aluminum heat exchange, and high flow injectors are also added.
    Compared to the previous series, the 2016 generation got some upgrades with 3.5-inch suspension lift along with Fox Racing shocks for accommodating 35-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 tires. It is much more interesting.

    Besides, Shelby adds custom Beadlock rims to give an impressive truck. They offered five colors which each of them has the double racing stripes in the middle. Tuscany then includes the tonneau cover, so the cargo will save from the scratches.

    However, the Shelby F-150 was designed based on the Lariat trim level. Therefore, the interior will look so familiar including its chrome accents, wood grains, and soft leather. Of course, Shelby added some accents that emphasize their series and the previous ones. They added few logos and also stitching accents. They also offered the limited-edition nameplate on the dash.

    How Much Is The Price of Shelby

    Looking at the Chicago Auto Show, they revealed that the price was less than $100,000. If you want the 700 horsepower, you need around $98,995. However, this truck was available with 500 units only, so you only can get the used ones. Well, this is a good choice though if you are looking for a light-duty truck with a classy Ford system and design. The Shelby brought its combination.

    For another Shelby Truck which is 2018 Shelby Raptor Truck, click here.

  • Ford Focus RS500 for Sale

    Focus is a series of compact cars produced by Ford. The initial release was in 2007 and was able to take heart in compact lovers. The latest series of Ford Focus RS500 for sale was released in 2018. The design is still a sedan style with superior interior space, excellent handling, and tough engine performance.

    Ford Focus RS500 for Sale Specification

    The RS500 uses a 2521 cc 5-cylinder turbo engine. The resulting power output of 345 HO / 6000 rpm an the maximum torque is 339 lb ft / 4500 rpm. Focus can go with speeds of up to 165 mph. The acceleration of this car is also very good. Ford claims that to reach 60 mph, the RS500 only takes about 5.4 seconds.

    The dimensions of the car are 172.8 inches in length, 71.7 inches in width and 58 inches in height. The wheel base is 104.2 inch. The driving mode is all-wheel drive with a manual transmission. This hatchback is quite fuel efficient. For the city trip, it gets 19 mpg and for the highway it gets 26 mpg.


    The dashboard, cabin, doors and seats all use an elegant black. This car consists of 5 seats with spacious cabin and leg room. All seats are wrapped in premium leather. The front seats are heated seats, while the driver has 8-way adjustable seats to find a comfortable position when driving.


    The front of the car looks minimalist with black grille and its small size. The headlights design is elongated and slim, using LED technology. The fog lamp is at the bottom of the headlights with a black cover. The bumper design is still the same as the 2012 Focus and still uses a black accent.

    The back of the car also has a minimalist theme with a rectangular stop lamp to the trunk door. There is an additional high-mounted stop lamp at the center of the trunk door. To facilitate parking, users can rely on the rearview camera and parking sensors that are on the back of the car.


    The entertainment features of the RS500 series are very complete and use the latest technology. Some of them are AM / FM radio, CD player, auxiliary audio input, MP3 play, satellite radio, smart phone integration system, and premium sound system. While the air conditioner already uses climate control and has dual zones.

    As a car with a high price, of course, the safety feature on the RS500 is quite reliable. Aside from the anti-theft system, the car is also a keyless entry to even start the engine. Headlights are in the form of auto-off accompanied by a fog lamp to maximize visibility while driving.


    Focus is sold in various price ranges. The price of the base series is sold at $13,011, while the highest series reaches $41,120. RS500 is sold at the highest price because the specifications are better than other types. After 2018, Ford decided that the Focus series would experience discontinuation. This latest series is redesigned from the 2012 series with interior improvement.

    In 2018, Focus has 8 different trims. Trim RS is a high-end series because the highest series is a hybrid car. Since its inception, the Ford Focus RS500 for Sale competed with the Honda Civic which also appeared as a sedan. However, Focus is more popular because of its high reliability rating and more affordable price.

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