• BMW Z4 Coupe for Sale Craiglist

    The Z4 series has been launched since 2008. The newest series is the BMW Z4 Coupe for sale Craiglist which is redesigned from the series released in 2016. Its appearance has become sportier with handling that is athletic and responsive. As a coupe, this car can also accommodate tall-bodied passengers because the cabin capacity is designed wider.

    BMW Z4 Coupe for Sale Craiglist


    The standard engine used by the Z4 is a turbocharged 4 cylinder with an output of 255 HP. Another trim uses the M40i with 6 cylinders with an output of 382 HP. The latest Z4 series accelerates to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. The transmission is only available 8-speed automatic which is very responsive.

    In the sports car class, Z4 gas consumption is rated better than its rival. On a city trip, it needs 25 mpg and 32 mpg on the highway. In addition, Z4 is also widely praised in terms of brake strength and smooth suspension. Even so, the performance of this car is quite atlethic in the coupe line-up. In addition to sports mode, the car also has a comfort mode.


    This car can only accommodate two people because it consists of one row of seats. That is why; leg room and cabin are also wider. Trim Z4 uses a glossy black piano color and some parts use synthetic leather upholstery. In the rear section, there is a cargo space whose volume is 9.9 cubic feet.

    The car dashboard has two displays, namely 12.3 inch behind the steering wheel and 10.25 inch on the head unit. The interface uses iDrive 7.0 which can be controlled using voice commands and touch-screen. The smartphone integration system is only available for Apple Carplay.


    This coupe only consists of two doors. The exterior design only consists of two dominant colors, as body color and black. Grille on the front side is shaped like two eyes with black. Headlights already use adaptive LEDs with a slim and elongated design. The rearview mirror and door handle are the same color as the car body.

    This car uses alloy wheels P225/45VR R17 for the front and rear. At the top of the cabin is a power convertible roof that can be opened and closed within 10 seconds. To facilitate parking, the front and rear of the car are equipped with parking sensors.


    Z4 is equipped with various security features such as ABS, stability control, rearview camera, pedestrian monitoring, lane departure warning, and active-park assist. The front of the car is equipped with an adaptive LED headlight. While from the inside, there are airbags for drivers and passengers.


    Although the release distance from the previous generation is only 3 years, the price for the Z4 in 2019 is far more expensive. This luxury sports car is sold about 49,700 USD. The previous generation Z4, BMW only set prices in the range of 28,530 – 42,643.

    The BMW Z4 Coupe for Sale Craiglist series went on hiatus for 3 years before finally being redesigned from the series in 2016. Before buying, make sure your driving needs. The engine performance is not so different from the previous series, but the features of the car are certainly different because the new series has more modern update.

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