• Honda Ridgeline 2019 Price Specs Features and Camper Shell

    After its success in the automotive market, Honda once again released the 2019 Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell. This car is the second generation of models released in 2017. Overall, the design is still the same in terms of exterior and interior. However, there are some pros and cons of this box car with a cap released in 2019.

    2019 Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell
    2019 Honda Ridgeline
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    Pros of 2019 Honda Ridgeline 

    Bed truck

    The advantage of Ridgeline is its very broad bed truck capacity. The bed is also equipped with two ways tailgate and the design is quite unique. The length of the bed is 83 inches and can accommodate volumes up to 33.6 cu.ft. The depth of the bed is 16.7 inches and there is a layer of carpet for the floor.


    Ridgeline suspension is an advantage of the series released in 2019. The front uses a strut suspension with anti roll bar. On the rear side is still using multi link suspension with anti-roll bar. It uses alloy wheels with 18 “size. Both of the tire, front and rear use 245/60 R18. It’s still the same one with the previous generation.

    The independent front suspension makes this car responsive to handling. The driver feels more comfortable because the anti-roll keeps the stability when driving at high speeds. Although the type is still the same as the previous generation, independent suspension makes your driving experience better.


    The Ridgeline machine uses 3.5L V-6 with 24 valves with SOHC technology. Horsepower is 280 HP with torque of 262 lbc.-ft @ 4700 rpm. This car is one of the all-wheel drive vehicles with I-VTM4 automatic full-time. The transmission is a 6-speed automatic with over drive. The transmission has an oil cooler and it comes with select transmission mode.

    Family friendly

    The capacity of this car is 5 people consisting of two car lines. Seat uses leather upholstery with black piano color, as well as panel trim, dashboard and cabin. The seat is equipped with a seatbelt adjuster. The shape of the seats on the front is buckets, while the rear seats can be folded in portions of 60:40. The front seat can be heated too as its standard feature.

    Reasonable price

    The 2019 series sells for $29,990 – $43,420. Even though it is included in the lane of trucks with premium prices, the price is still reasonable. Its performance is quite powerful with various comfort features that are more complete than other types of trucks. Bed capacity is also large with two ways tailgate so that security is guaranteed.

    Cons of 2019 Honda Ridgeline


    Unfortunately, this car still produces noise and sounds to the inside. This isn’t much different from the series produced in 2017, so there is no improvement from this side. The hood is still not equipped with a silencer is the main reason.

    Navigation system

    The 2019 Honda Ridgeline car navigation system is still a weakness which is also not corrected by Honda. Although it already has a touch-screen LCD monitor, the quality is still fairly poor because it is not responsive enough. In fact, this system is equipped with 8 speakers, a radio data system, smart device integration for Apple Carplay and Android Auto, also wireless phone connectivity.

    What Is Actually Honda Ridgeline Champer Shell?

    Some of you might not have a clear visualization related to camper shell. Or, let’s suppose that you do not really know about this term. Before going any further, it is necessary to harmonize the meaning and concept of a camper shell.

    Camper shell or also known as truck cap is among truck accessories commonly installed in the bed of a pickup truck. The shell that usually comes in a variety of options does not necessarily change the way you can use the truck. Instead, this cap allows you to get the best out of a pickup truck.

    A truck cap is an economic solution for people with budget constraints to enjoy an RV living. You can get closer to the nature while doing a camping or make a travel with family without worrying about how to live during the journey. All you need to do is choose the right camper shell type according to the purpose.

    Types of Camper Shell

    There is a wide array of choices when it comes to camper shell types. Basically, pickup truck cap is only a box mounted on a truck bed. However, this truck accessory has evolved into something more modern and functional. Camper shell for Honda Ridgeline, for example, can enhance the style and function of the pickup truck. The followings are camper shell types available on the market.

    Camper shell topper

    This camper shell type is commonly mounted onto bed rails of the truck. The topper has the same height as the truck cab, thus it has limited space. Using this kind of camper shell type, you will not be able to stand inside. Otherwise, you need to crawl around to get inside the shell.

    If you are on a budget, camper shell topper is a good way to initiate a camping or outdoor experience. To boost up the convenience, you will need to complement the interior with bunk, storage cabinets, and a carpet kit.

    Slide in cab over camper

    This is a camper shell type that will give you an exciting outdoor experience. Slide in cab over camper is pretty easy to install. Simply slide the camper into truck bed then secure with straps or turnbuckles. Thanks to the ample space as the camper extends over the pickup truck. This allows you to enjoy a spacious sleeping area.

    In addition, there is enough headroom to stand up inside. The camper shell for Honda Ridgeline is able to accommodate two adults and some children. Interestingly, you can remove the slide in camper when necessary. Thus, the truck does not need to carry the extra weight.

    Chassis mount camper

    Chassis mount camper is much similar to slide in cab over camper in many ways. This camper gives you a cab over the pickup truck. The only difference is that the truck bed in chassis mount camper cannot be removed as it is permanently installed to the chassis. Sometimes, people call it as Class C camper.

    Since the truck bed is removed, it gives you more space for additional storage. You can also have more plans when configuring the layout. For instance, the door does not need to be at the rear.

    Pop up camper

    The last type of camper shell for Honda Ridgeline is pop up camper. This camper features lower roof while driving but it can be raised when parking. This is a versatile camper that is suitable if you don’t have budget restrain.

    The advantage of having pop up camper is that its maneuverability can be improved. Thanks to adjustable roof height that allows you to choose one according to the circumstances. Besides, there is also additional head room.

    How to Choose the Right Camper Shell

    Anything about camper shell and its types have been revealed. It is time to choose the right one for your Honda Ridgeline. Hold up! You cannot simply visit the workshop and have them install random camper shell. There are several things that you should consider before choosing the right camper shell as follows:

    Know your budget

    The array of Camper shell option has a close relationship with your budget. How much budget do you have? For those having a tight budget, camper shell topper may be the best option. But if you do not have budget constrain, there are more choices to opt for.

    Know the purpose

    What will you use the camper shell for? Trying to live an adventurous life means you need an ample truck cap that allows you to sleep or do other activities inside. But if you want to have a safe storage while going around, a shell topper will be enough.

    Consider the aesthetic

    The last but not least, considering the aesthetic is also important when choosing camper shell. Make sure the camper does not degrade the appearance of your Honda Ridgeline. Find as many references as possible and compare to get the best one.

    All in all, Honda Ridgeline champer shell is not merely a truck accessory, instead it is an economic solution to live an adventurous life in outdoor. Especially if you cannot afford and exclusive RV, camper shell gives you an engaging RV experience in a smaller budget. However, there are also available choices of Honda Ridgeline champer shell Tonneau Cover on Amazon like images below that you can purchase.

    Amazon Products

    Honda Ridgeline Champer Shell Things You Need to Know

    In 2019, Honda produced a different Ridgeline from the previous series. The latest one is named RTL and Black edition which uses all-wheel drive. It’s different from previous generations where the Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell used rear-wheel drive. The price for the new ones is higher and the series are premium. With a new design and trim, this truck becomes more popular.

    Ridgeline is a stylish pickup truck launched by Honda. This vehicle allows you to enjoy engaging and exciting experience of outdoor adventure. To make it more versatile, some Ridgeline owners modify their trucks with camper shell. Honda Ridgeline champer shell, somehow, gives a new exterior appearance as if your pickup trucks transforms into a trendy SUV or even an RV.

    Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell Price, Specs and Features

    Soon after it’s released, Honda Ridgeline has always received the attention of versatile car fans. The shape is like a truck, but it’s not only suitable for travel that requires a tough and strong car carrying loads. Its spacious interior can also bring families to enjoy the trip. Here are the Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell price based on its trim for the newest edition in 2019.

    Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell

    Honda Ridgeline RT

    The model used in this trim is RT FWD crew cab 125.2 in. WB. The engine is a V-6 with a capacity of 3.5 liters. Horsepower is 280 HP @ 6000 rpm with engine torque 262 lbs.-ft @ 4700 rpm. The transmission is 6-speed automatic with overdrive. The fuel economy in the highway is up to 26 mpg and that’s why this lowest trim is popular.

    The tires are 245/60 R18, as well as the alloy wheel whose size is 18 inches. The seats come as bucket. The passangers as well as the driver can adjust the height or reclining them manually. There are 4 colors for the interior and 8 colors for astheir exterior. This ridgeline is sold starting at $ 29,990. As the cheapest, this trim is only used for daily use. Off-road purpose is limited.

    Sport Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell Price

    The Ridgeline also comes with the Sport trim series. The engine still use V-6 with 280 HP @ 6000 rpm. It has a 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. This FWD vehicle is completed with safety and security features that another trim might not have. The seatbelt is a 3-point rear center, 6 airbags, child lock safety, and uses ABS system.

    Maxium passanger for the Sport Ridgeline is five with two row seats. Each has a seatbelt, adjutable headpiece and it has been covered by cloth. The exterior has 8 colors and the interior has 4. Ridgeline mostly uses 245/60 R18 tires and the chrome sheel is still the optional. The starting price for this trim is $33,390. It’s a bit more expensive than the RT trim cause they have a different exterior look.

    Honda Ridgeline RTL

    RTL trim comes with two other series named RTL-T and RTL-E. They have different levels of price. RTL is sold starting at $ 34,870, RTL-T is $ 37,000 and RTL-E is started at $ 41,920. The gap of price is a lot, but all RTL uses a V-6 engine with 3.5 liters and 280 HP. The transmission is 6-speed automatic with overdrive. The premium price of this trim is caused by its features. Even the air conditioning can be activated by the voice.

    Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell
    2017 Honda Ridgeline RTL
    Photo Credit by RLGNZLZ

    The navigation system is reliable. The touchscreen LCD monitor is responsive and you can access the internet via Honda Link. The audio system is 8-speakers with AM / FM radio, radiodata system and Apple Carplay.

    Honda Ridgeline Black Edition

    The most expensive Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell price is the black edition. It starts at $43,420. If other Ridgeline uses FWD, this series is all-wheel drive. The engine is still V-6 with 3.5 liters and 280 HP. The transmission is also 6-speed automatic. But this black edition has only one color and it’s black for both interior and exterior. For other features, it comes similar to RTL edition.

    Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell
    HONDA RIDGELINE 2017 Black Photo Credit to SAUD AL-OLAYAN
    Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell
    Photo by Patrick Poling
    Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell
    2019 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition Exterior
  • Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell Craigslist Specs and Features

    Honda Ridgeline finally revealed the latest model this 2019. This all-purpose pickup comes with the latest technology you will enjoy. So, let’s check the Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell Craigslist’s specs and features.

    Despite the constant model in almost years, still, there are some good things to look at. The latest generation brings the superior handling and unique bed truck that is lockable and has the two-way tailgate. The system is sophisticated which provides the multisurface traction. Besides, the crew cab is very spacious. It is very comfy to add more passenger inside.

    With that superiority, of course, there is some frustrating stuff you might not like. Especially when it comes to touchscreen audio and navigation. The tow rating also drops to 3,500 pounds than before which was 5,000 pounds. Besides, the driver aids are also sensitive and too distracting for this latest series.


    The general performance is cool! Among other brand pickups, Honda Ridgeline is standing out with its unibody chassis, torque-vectoring AWD, independent suspension. All these things result in instability on any surface. Besides, the six-speed automatic work well with the 3.5 Liters V6.

    For the interior part, the Ridgeline has an excellent design with spacious space for the other passengers. It is very easy for everyone to climb in and out.

    In terms of technology, the Ridgeline supports Apple CarPlay and also Android Auto. This is a solid cargo with a strong payload rating. This car can hold 4-foot-wide sheets.

    The latest pickup might be the best compared the previous series. It has complete facilities that make you’re driving more comfortable. The layout of climate control and seats are excellent so it is very comfortable. It is a family-friendly pickup you can bring anywhere you want.

    That’s all our quick review about the new Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell Craigslist. Just for information, craigslist is an American website to advertise many kinds of categories such as works, homes, for selling, stuff wanted, people or group service, gigs and forums for discussion. There is also more in detail about 2019 Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell.

  • 2008 Honda Accord – Specs and Feature

    Not only in its home country, Japan, is Honda a popular brand in the USA automotive market. One of them is the 2008 Honda Accord. Honda produces 7 different trims namely 2.4 LX, 2.4 LX-P, 2.4 LX-S, 2.4 EX, 2.4 EX-L, 3.5 EX, and 3.5 EX-L. The 2008 model was redesigned from the previous generation. Besides its new engine, the interior and exterior are also more modern.

    2008 Honda Accord Coupe
    Photo by Rennett Stowe


    The engines used by the Honda Accord are I-4 and V-6. I-4 engine has 2.4 litres with 177-190 HP @ 6,500 rpm. Meanwhle, the V-6 engine has a 3.5-litre capacity with 368 HP. All types use a 4-cylinder engine and are equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. However, users can still choose the option to change the transmission to 5-speed automatic.

    The car has 194.1′ length’’, 58.1” height, and 62.4’’ width. The capacity of the tank is 18.5 gal. The car spends 22 mpg for city trips and 26 mpg for the highway. All types have 161 lbs-ft @ 4300 rpm of torque. The difference in performance depends on the type of engine. The V-6 engine is more responsive and reliable so users can feel the sensation of traveling like using a sporty car.

    The safety and security features of this car are also good. Passengers on the front are equipped with adjustable seat belt and airbag occupancy sensors. The brake system uses four-wheel ABS brakes with 4 ABS channels. If you bring the children, you can take them on the back seat because the door is equipped with child safety locks. Besides the alarm and immobilizer, Accord has been completed by a remote keyless entry.

    Interior of 2008 Honda Accord 

    Interior’s trim uses vinyl material, the shift knob uses urethane, while the cabin and seat are wrapped in premium leather. The front seats can be adjusted in height, while the rear seats can be folded forward so that cargo space becomes wider. Not only that, the seat arrangement is also in the form of sliding and reclining which is done using a lever manually.

    The entertainment features in the head unit are complete and responsive. Besides the touch screen monitor, the car is equipped with AM / FM radio, CD player, CD-MP3 decoder, auxiliary jack and radio data system. This audio system has 6 speakers and users can use the audio-steering switch. The head unit also has 2 power outlets; each outlet is 12 voltages DC.


    Honda Accord headlights use halogens, as well as front fog lights. Headlights are auto-off and can be delay-off. The front grille is black with chrome frame around it. The bottom of the car is bumpers, both on the front and back which are the same color as the car body. There are 4 doors that are also equipped with power door mirrors. The door mirror can be folded using a remote power. The LX series uses 16 inches steel wheels, while the EX series uses 17-inches alloy. The colors of the door mirrors and door handles are the same as the body colors. Side body moldings and rear lip spoilers are just an option for this 2008 Honda Accord. You want to find another car brand which is 2017 Toyota Camry XSE V6, you can visit here.

    2008 Honda Accord Black Hawk
    Photo by Shabbir Siraj
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