How to Buy Audi TT Race Car – Top Tips to Follow

The Audi TT Mk1 (1998 – 2006) is exhilarating to drive. Additionally, the Mk 1 is considered to be one of the Audit TT race car series that is revolutionary in style. No wonder that years after the vehicle was introduced to the public for the first time, many people are still looking to buying it. However, when choosing the car, you need to select with care. This is important to help you avoid financial headaches and pitfalls. If you want to buy your Mk1, here are several tips to buy Audi TT race car that you can follow.

Audi TT Mk1
Credit: Thibault Le Mer

Audi TT Mk1 Overview

Just like Audi TT RS, as one of the most popular race cars in the 1990s, Audi comes with an original version that even now, still looks modern. The car has captured the hearts of many people since it was launched for the first time back in 1990. The original Audi TT comes with a punchy drivetrain and curvy looks that are still attractive even years after its first production. Taking a deeper look at this Audi TT, you will find out that this series comes with the same stablemate as Audi A3. This provides the Mk1 with responsive and balanced steering to produce as minimum overhang as possible. Meanwhile, the selection of engines as well as the Quattro four-wheel-drive system of this Mk1 offer sure-footed appeal. The set up of Audi’s Quattro uses a standard model of 225bhp. There is Quattro set-up for lesser-spec versions that also available for the fans to opt. 

However, the later versions of Audi TT rallycross come with more “budget-model” engines of 150bhp and 180bhp. Each of the models was later upped until they reached 163bhp and 190bhp. In 2005, Audi TT introduced Quattro set-up with lesser weight up to 75kg. The model uses a strengthened strut brace to replace the rear seats. That makes the Audi TT launched in 2005 come with a lesser weight if compared to the previous versions. 

Audi TT
Credit: Roy

What to Consider?

Many people agree that Mk1 is both timeless and tough. Standard equipment that you can find in all series of Audi TT includes traction control, alloy wheels, sports seats, cloth trim, and air conditioning. However, with so many products available in the market, buying an Audi TT race car for sale can be very tricky. Several things have to be considered well so that you can get the rightest Mk1 that is suitable the most for your needs. You can start with the MK1 inspection checklist. It will help you simplify the selection process of the Audi TT.


It is the first part that people would inspect when people choosing a car to buy. Speaking about buying an Audi TT race car, you need to make sure that the panel fit of the car is still in its excellent condition. So, this is very important for you to find any signs of previous accident repairs on the exterior. Make sure that the scuffs and wear inside the Audi TT’s doors shuts are in perfect condition. Just like the Audi TT DTM body kit, the roof rails of the vehicle are notorious for corrosion. So, just do not surprised to find bubbling paint and rust on the roof rails since it could be the results of a manufacturing issue. It is also important to check the lower body and sills of the Mk1 to find any problems with them. You will also find that the inner wings behind the front wheels covered with rust. Meanwhile, the tail-end of the vehicle might damage the shape of the Audi TT track car’s rear quarters. So, check for the issues too.

 Audi TT R DTM Racer


You might have known that Audi TT Mk1 comes with a classic design that popular in the late 1990s. You will find comfortable front seats and a lot of legroom and headroom once you check the interior. Most of the time, the Mk1’s interior is covered with leather. Meanwhile, heated seats are common elements in Mk1. So, make sure that all of them can be operated perfectly. You also need to check for the roof operation on the convertible Roadsters. Inspect the interior for damp as well especially the carpets used in the rear part of the car. It will be better to cancel your purchase if you find a musty smell. It can be the results of the drainage channels found in the roof mechanism cavity that has been blocked.


The engine is one of the most crucial parts of the Audi TT race car. Make sure that you check the service history of the Audi TT if it uses a turbocharged engine. Don’t forget to look for power loss and smoke under acceleration when you test drive the car. Most of the time, the motors applied in the Mk1 are strong. However, you have to ensure that there is no gasket oil leak when you check the engine bay. You might also find hesitancy on accelerations and misfires when test driving the vehicle. This is the sign that there is an issue with the ignition coil failure. 

Suspension and Brakes

The next thing you have to check when buying Audi TT is the suspension and the brakes. Make sure that the Quattro system applied by the vehicle can boost the performance of the Mk1’ handling and suspension. This is also important for you to check the fitting replacement of metal sleeves. The suspension of the Audi TT can wear significantly if you drive it hard. So, check if there are any bangs and knocks on the wishbones when you test drive the car.


When buying the Audi TT race car, you should also check the manual gearboxes. Most of the time, you can still use them up to 100,000 miles of driving. You need to keep in mind that the DSG’s box of the car requires a filter and oil change every 3 years or it has reached 40,000 miles of driving. Another to check is the DSG heat exchangers. They are used to heat transmission fluid allow it to align with the temperature of the engine. The coolant will get into the transmission if you find any joints fail in the DSG heat exchangers.

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