Tips for Choosing Custom Car Covers

Choosing custom car covers is quite crucial if you have a car with an unfamiliar type or have some modifications to some of its parts. For some types of cars, a car cover is available with the default size for that car.

Custom Car Covers

Adjusting the Material Using a Custom Car Cover

If you park your car in a garage or an open area, you have the risk of being exposed to dust, rain, animal waste, and ignorant hands that scratch car paint. Therefore we need a car cover that can minimize all these risks. You need to consider several things when choosing car covers. The first thing is about raw materials that must be adapted to their use, namely indoors or outdoors. Outdoor car covers with a slippery texture are not guaranteed to reduce rainwater seepage. This is even more so if the car cover has a material with open pores. The water will easily touch the surface of the paint, causing stains. Therefore, a representative custom car covers for outdoor can have a characteristic on the outer part that is coated with a coating. The detail of the coating composition, which is called 4 layers, consists of an outermost layer that resists rain or sun exposure. The second layer is a porous layer which is useful as a breathing medium. So that when water evaporates, the dew will not enter. The third layer is a protective layer to strengthen the composition. Finally, the fourth layer, which is softly textured, eliminates the risk of the car being scuffed due to friction. For indoor car covers, the raw material used is generally made of cloth that has pores. Its function is so that the air circulation can be smooth so that it is not damp or too dry.

Understand the Pros and Cons of Materials

Before choosing custom car covers to use, it is better if you first understand the advantages and disadvantages of the materials applied to the sarong. There are various types of materials that are often used to make car covers. One of them is a synthetic material. The advantage is to avoid the car body from water that can settle. Unfortunately, this synthetic cover also has disadvantages in the form of friction between the cap and the body. There is also a cover made of fabric with the advantages of cavities that will help the air circulation process run smoothly when the car is closed. The price, which tends to be expensive, is the drawback of this type of cover. Not only the character of the elements, but the color of the cover is also often a consideration when choosing a car cover. Unfortunately, these colors frequently fade and hit the car body. If you have this, you will experience difficulties. Therefore, before buying a cover for a car, you must first make sure that the cap does not fade.

Those are some tips that you need to consider in the process of selecting custom car covers. To be sure, you should never be tempted by a low price so that there is no damage to the car body when the cover is used.

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