5 Top Cars That Start With J

There are plenty of cars that start with j. Cars themselves are very essential in today’s world. With car, it is easier to move from place to place. Not only that, car has become a form of prestige in some ways. People often show their social status through the car they own.

Cars are varied from model, size, and colors. There is not really a ‘one-fits-all’ type of car because every individual has their own interest and need of their own ideal car to buy. If you are looking for cars that start with the letter j, here are 5 examples of them for your references:

  • Jaguar is not a new name in automotive world. It is a British car manufacturer. It was founded in 1922 and has been a great company for many car enthusiasts. It has now become a division of Jaguar Land Rover that is owned by Tata Motors. In the initial, it was owned by Ford and Tata Motors bought in 2008. There are many factors that make car enthusiasts love Jaguar such as the performance, as well as the luxury markets. It also has relatively diverse competition. No wonder that it still at the top of high quality cars regardless of how time has flied by.
Cars That Start With J
  • Jeep is one of the most popular cars that start with j. It is very iconic especially for those sport enthusiasts who like to take diverse adventure. Doing offroad without Jeep is like an incomplete adventure. Jeep itself is a division of FCA US LLC. The products of Jeep are widely ranged. However, the main focus of Jeep is of course at its consistency of delivering sport utility vehicles such as pickup trucks, vans, and even roadsters.
Cars That Start With J
  • JAC is a automobile and vehicle manufacturer based in China. This Chinese car manufacturer is precisely located in the province of Anhui Province. There are wide variety of products that JAC produce including trucks, electric vehicles, buses, and automotive components. JAC more focuses on manufacturing commercial vehicles. Their vehicles are known to be in good quality and have good endurance.
  • Jensen Motors Limited was another car British manufacturer. They were located in West Bromwich, England. However, Jensen Motors were not limited to manufacture only commercial vehicles but also sport cars. The name itself was made by brothers Alan and Richard Jensen. There were plenty of car manufactured by Jensen Motors Limited especially after it had joined a business partnership with W J Smith & Sons Limited in 1934. Unfortunately, it has stopped trading since 1976.
  • Jimenez was another one of cars that start with j. This manufacturer focused on producing sport cars. It was a brand established by Ramon Jimenez. There were notable works of the sport cars manufactured by the company. However, the most memorable one was probably the 1995 Jimenez Novia Concept. It was a supercar  designed and developed by Ramon Jimenez himself. It was kind of one-of-kind super car at that time that had drawn attention from automotive industry.
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