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For car enthusiast that are bored with euro car, or us cars, because they were identical with the wide body or muscle cars, there are still choices for you known as JDM cars. There are automotive manufacturers from Japan that manufacture cars that only can be marketed within Japan. Although there are cars from Japan that marketed outside Japan, these all JDM cars are built especially for market in Japan. But there are also one of JDM Cars list that is specifically marketed outside Japan.

all jdm cars list

Maybe you already know all these famous JDM cars that featured in some movies such as fast and furious series. The street racing cars movie that presented scene of racing of many fast cars including JDM cars. The real JDM cars could be bought through general importer but the cars that can be imported is only second hand cars.  

People regards Japanese built up as cool JDM cars because these are originally from Japan. However all of it may be not from Japan. Those cool JDM cars can be from other countries manufacturer. And the only way to import that is legal is from general importer or original dealer.

As you can see there are always different version of JDM cars used by the Japanese people that you can see on the picture on the internet or the movie. Because the real JDM cars are really using different specification such as machine and part so you could see that those JDM cars are faster than cars that produced outside Japan.

JDM cars are identical with fast cars. Though some people can not have new brand of jdm cars, car enthusiast can make their cars look as the same as JDM cars which is called custom JDM cars. Through this, those who can not buy real JDM cars and wants to own them finally can label their cars as JDM cars by using custom JDM cars. These can be lower price as they can find the parts or machine that used in the real JDM cars in the market and attach it on their Japanese brand cars.

When you have done this, you can own custom JDM cars. Others than machine and parts, you can also see there are different style of original JDM cars which is body of the cars. You can use many things to resemble JDM cars on modified JDM cars. On modifying JDM cars, you need to know what type of modification that match the original JDM cars.

There are some types of car enthusiasts which are tuners and people who likes custom or modification. Based on this, you can find things that used by tuners or custom.  Then you can choose what needed to build a JDM car. Some people wants to resemble the look only or wants to make the speed as fast as the real one. It is the preference of car enthusiast or the contest that people wants to follow.

The series of fast of furious also brought some modification to the machine as well as the body of the Japanese cars. All JDM cars that built for the movie were modified to be modified JDM cars. As you can see, the movie is about street racing. Best JDM cars were brought to the movie since the first series. However, you would see JDM cars list here are broader because we will list that are among the famous JDM cars.

Some of them are not in production anymore as there are newer model of the JDM cars. However, it will recall the memory of car enthusiast.

1. Lexus RC F Track Edition

This JDM car is the latest car produced by Lexus which is owned by Toyota. This car was in production since 2014 and has been known as a sports car. However, as you may know there are people that wants the car to be faster as the original one. The production of the car like this is usually very limited. Because the track edition is the specification of the real racing car so there is only limited edition.

The track is used because it is from the word of track that racing car is using. Not everyone use this car on daily activities. As for the machine, it has v8 engine and has the capacity of 5L or 5000 cc. It is very big capacity for everyone using this in daily life. If you need big performance of car, you would be interested in this car instead.

2. Toyota GR Supra

This car is one of JDM cars that built not long time ago. This type of car is JDM cars because it is built by one of the Toyota motorsport subdivision itself called Gazoo racing. The machine part is this GR version is using inline-six 3000 cc. This one is already on markets around the world. You can see on your car dealer and should see one of these cars there.

If you may know, this car is already 2.5 years old but there are some JDM versions so there are another version of JDM as well. Another version of JDM of this car is Supra 35th anniversary special edition. As you can recall this type of car is the development of previous model which is Celica.

3. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Z Tune

As you may see this labels of car have many meanings. Among the many versions of this car, this R34 GT-R Z-tune is the top one or the best one. Since its introduction which is the lower model of R32 in 1989, these cars have been known as racing cars and become one of best JDM cars. One of the extra special thing that Nismo has built in this car was the engine modification that this car has which is the modified Z2 engine. May be that’s why this car was using Z tune on it.

If you know about engine, it has the capacity of producing powerful torque of 500 ps. This is why there are a lot of car enthusiast mainly for JDM because there are special edition of the JDM cars.

4. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ440 MR

It is the ultimate version of Lancer Evolution. This 4 door JDM car or sports sedan car was also one of choice of car enthusiast around the world. Its machine generates 440 hp from a 2k cc turbo engine. What is FQ? From many publication it is flipping quick. It is really about the machine again. When you see its label, you didn’t know the first time, but you would know afterwards. It is the capacity of the machine that could push the limit of the rpm towards high rpm which is from low rpm to the max red rpm on 6800 rpm.

Based on Wikipedia, this variant is only available in UK. Because there is a variant only available in certain market such as Japan, US, UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Singapore, Philippine, Malaysia or Brazilian. You can still have another version of this Evo on your market that is not so different from this version.

5. Honda Acura NSX

As you can see, this Acura brand is owned and part of the luxury subdivision of Honda brand. Currently, there are some versions in the market. From Wikipedia, N means new, S means Sportcar or Supercar and X means unknown. The latest version of this car is type s which is also limited edition because there are only 350 cars on sale worldwide. 300 cars of 2022 Acura NSX cars will be sold in US and the remain will be sold in Japan and other countries as well.

Since the first generation introduced in 2021 which is Type S using V6 twin turbo machine, NSX car will be manufactured in the US and is as well as Sport Hybrid AWD. So not all countries will be selling this car except selected countries that appointed to sell this supercar. NSX is one of Honda JDM cars available on the global market. Latest NSX is available on many colors such as red JDM cars.

6. Nismo GT-R Track Edition by NISMO T-Spec

In 2021, this manufacture of Nissan has released limited edition of latest GTR model which is GT-R Track Edition. As its sound, this version of this is released to be integrating increased performance while riding. Another version of this is the Premium Edition.

You would not believe if these two types of cars to be claimed only produced as much as 100 units. As you may know, these 4 wheel drive type of a car use V6 twin turbo engine. This GT-R is successor of the previous Skyline GT-R model. This car is part of Nissan luxury-sport car. It was first time introduced in 2007. There is another specification that introduced in the latest model which is T spec meaning trend and traction.

7. Mazda RX7

This car is sports car with unusual machine that no other cars using it which is rotary machine. This car is one of the powerful car on the time of 2000 because it is using real wheel drive, twin turbo machine. As you may not know, this car was released until 2002. There is predecessor of this car which is RX-3. This JDM car model was also popular for its performance in the movie of the fast and the furious series introducing as street racing using many different sports car including this one.

In the initial time, this one was a sport car that used hidden front lamp. It is only available on coupe model. But this car also was produced since 1978. One you need understand that this machine is different with the general one. Take note or make sure that this engine repair needs a technician that know this kind of machine because the uniqueness of rotary or wankel machine.

7. Toyota Supra MK4

Another JDM car is Toyota Supra. It is high performance sports car and it is available only on 2 door coupe. There are many generations based on this model. The car is the forth generation and this version is the most popular because it was getting known that it was featured on the series of fast and furious movie. This car used 3 Liter 6-speed turbo machine. The code of machine used is 2JZ-GE and 2JZ-GTE. The machine can produce up to 276 HP.

The exterior design is unique as you can see on this model that was out since 1993 until 2002. This JDM really become favorite for car enthusiasts that want to collect it. This car has its character which is the body and the machine. It has maximum speed that every tuner wants as well as you that this car speed can reach the speed of 167 mph. This can be a real racing car in the world of racing. There was another uniqueness which is removable roof on this car.

8. Subaru Impreza 22B STI

Another choice of JDM is Subaru Impreza. This WRX version is the top one and available only on wide body coupe. This car is using 2200 cc turbocharged machine. The JDM one is using twin scroll turbo and for the export use single scroll turbo. 22B STI was only limited production version of Impreza WRX STI that there were only 400 produced within Japan and 24 being exported in 1998. This version was tuned to be a rally car was also popular in the world rally championship (WRC). The market of this car is only in Japan, US, UK and Australia.

The machine of this car has the power of 276 HP. This coupe is the mark of anniversary 40th of Subaru and third consecutive WRX championship title.

9. Lexus LFA

This 2 door sports car is second version of Lexus F and using V10 machine. Lexus was the luxury division of Toyota. It was produced the first time in 2010. This limited edition car is only 500 units available. The body itself used carbon fiber reinforced polymer. The price of this car was 326 thousand euro or 400 hundred usd. So there were only limited people who could afford to buy it. The price tag can be accorded to the body and the machine that it used. This can be called as supercar because the machine it used was sophisticated. This body design also was made by European designer. The car can go from 0 to 60 mph in only two second.

10. Toyota Corolla AE86

It is also called Sprinter Trueno. This JDM car is known as drifting car and became legend in that time. This real wheel drive, front engine car. This car is favorite in the country and also is used in a movie called Initial D. The success factor behind this car is that this car used to be hatchback. Today this car is rejuvenated to be Toyota GT-86. This AE86 was introduced the first time in the end of 80s while its successor was introduced first time in 2012.

If you need high performance Japanese sports car which is fast and durable, these all JDM cars list could be your choices. The choice of its uniqueness of its design and speed ultimately would be your own preference. There are many 2 door coupe version but limited to 4 door JDM cars.

11. Honda Civic Type-R

Type-R is the highest level of power in Civic model. You can see it on the back of the car. It is usually placed or printed there. So this type of car is not normal car because it was designed for track or race purpose. Its BHP is about 180 which means how quickly it can reach its top speed. The more its amount the quicker it can reach top speed.

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