How To Make A Car Faster

How to accelerate a four-cylinder engine car.

Depending on your budget and expertise, you may choose to pursue a number of options. But be aware that many of these modifications may void your warranty.

how to make a car faster

Taking care of your vehicle though is often overlooked as a way to properly draw additional horsepower from your car. Maintaining your vehicle is very important to generate as much power as possible.

Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for recommended service intervals and make sure you adhere to them. Be sure to change your oil every 3,000 miles or your vehicle’s recommended interval.

How to Make a Car Faster Without Turbo

Replace your air and fuel filters regularly. To ensure smooth flow of air and fuel to the engine, install a cold air intake. The four-cylinder engine in your vehicle is powered by compressing the air-fuel mixture and igniting it. The compression rate your engine produces is a constant determined by piston throw. So you can generate more power by allowing more air and fuel to flow into the engine itself. To install a new intake, remove the stock intake tube and air box surrounding the air filter. Then replace with an aftermarket one designed to increase the amount of air entering the engine. Most aftermarket cold air intakes come with a conical filter that draws air from the atmosphere more efficiently.

Increasing the amount of airflow to your engine can also improve gas mileage. Conical filters that efficiently draw air from atmosphere increase amount of air flowing into engine can also increase gas mileage. Fuel pushing piston down exhaust resulting from explosion must be evacuated from cylinder chamber before more air and fuel injected.

Replacing exhaust section with larger diameter pipe will reduce back pressure which limits speed at which exhaust leaves engine. You choose to replace piping from rear of catalytic converter referred catback exhaust for all piping leading to kit. Exhaust manifolds can be purchased to replace your vehicle’s exhaust system. You may choose a forced induction application such as turbocharged.

The vehicle will get more power by installing a higher flowing exhaust than a normally aspirated engine. Power output emission reliability and fuel mileage reprogramming the computer to prioritize power can often free up horsepower without installing new components. Either way, look for a company that offers replacement computers for your particular vehicle online. You can buy a replacement or send yours for reprogramming to many companies selling programmers. You can plug it into your vehicle’s obdii port to change the code on your computer.

Have an ignition component swap-out for the engine to work properly it needs fuel air in the spark plugs to ignite the spark plug mixture. Old and worn out spark plug wires can prevent your ignition system from blowing up the air-fuel mixture burn sufficiently. Your ignition components are often rated as good for up to 100,000 miles, but replacing them with special aftermarket parts can result in more complete combustion of air and fuel. The more air and fuel your engine burns the more power it produces. Worn spark plugs may even fail to ignite altogether resulting in a larger diameter misfire or more conductive. Ignition wire can reduce the time it takes for the spark to reach the mixture. This is the end of little information about how to make your car faster without turbo.

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