All Things to Know about Luxury Cars

A luxury car is a known type of car that sparks luxurious appeal all over itself. It is one of many types of cars that can be purchased from the marketplace. It has specific appeals that attract a lot of people to buy it over other types of cars. Unfortunately, it is not the type of car for everyone. There are other aspects to think about beforehand when purchasing a car. Moreover, luxury cars will always be an expensive one in which that is one thing many people probably could not afford.

Why Buy Expensive Luxury Cars?

Some things will lead to the fact that people eventually buy one of many luxury cars available in the market. One of the most popular reasons that people finally decided to have a luxurious car instead of a normal type of car is the image and prestige level given by it. It will be different to drive a Mazda MX-5 Miata from driving a Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The beautiful look of luxury cars is amidst the benefits of having one of them to drive and to show them off to others in the neighborhood.

Another reason that people buy a luxury car is the resale value it offers. A car in luxury type will have a high resale value compared to a standard type of car. The famous Porsche Panamera was once given the award of the best high-end luxury cars with high resale value. It is pretty reasonable to eventually sell this type of car and buy a standard type of car while still holding on some money. It is considered as a decent form of keeping money in the form of a car that can be cashed in later.

One last thing that makes luxury cars worth buying is the set of features and everything that is not available in the standard type of car. There will be many features that boost the comfort, safety, and convenience level of the car itself. This is always the case with luxury cars from any model year that they are the better cars with more advanced features to offer and experience. It is pretty much like a concept car when buying one of the many luxury cars out there.

Why Skip Luxury Cars to Buy?

Despite the reasons to but a luxury car, there are few things to consider that will show the reasons why skipping them are the best idea. One of the reasons not to buy luxury cars is the price. Luxury cars are always on the expensive side of car market. Nowadays there are supercars and hyper cars as well within the expensive side of car marketplace to consider instead of buying luxury cars. Sometimes the price of luxury cars is just unbelievably high to pay.

Another reason that luxury cars should not be purchased is that they are not that kind of everyday car. It is very awkward to have an Audi A8 as a daily driven car just to go to the supermarket and shopping for groceries. It means that there has to be another car as well at home. Why bother buying a car that is very expensive when it is not to be driven every day? Unless the car is a classic car that has been restored for good, it is very ridiculous.

One last reason that it is always better not to buy a luxury car is that it will hurt a lot when something happen to the car. That is due to the fact that any repair and maintenance for an expensive car will be expensive as well. Moreover, it is the feeling that will be hurt more because a luxurious looking car should never be damaged by anything along its use. In the end it is not a good idea to buy this type of car when it is about to be driven roughly every day.

Best Luxury Cars of 2020

There have been many manufacturers that produced the best-looking luxurious style car of today. Some of them have been around in the car market for years while some others may just be several years in building luxury cars. Either way, the cars offered by them are all decent cars with great features and fascinating elements all around the cars. So, for those who are into luxury cars, these are the best ones to buy so far in the year of 2020.

Tesla Model S

The Model S from Tesla is amidst the so-called new comers within the vast and rapidly growing car market around the globe. It hits specifically the electric car market because it is the pioneer of electric car from the famous Elon Musk. Thus, it is only reasonable to eventually include Tesla Model S into the list of best luxury car models to buy so far in 2020. It offers a set of features for its drivers to enjoy such as luxury, pace, credibility, and versatility.

Today there are two models available to choose from when it comes to Tesla Model S. The luxurious appeal of the car is very clear through its exterior. The interior cabin is very quiet and comfortable. It offers a massive cargo space as well that boosts its versatility to haul things from one place to another. Performance wise, the car is able to hit 60 mph from 0 mph in just 2.3 seconds. Nevertheless, it comes with 402 mi EPA range. It is powered by a Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive.

Lexus LS

The brand name of Lexus is a well-known name within the luxury car segment in the car industry and market. The Lexus LS is the front-running model from Lexus to deal with other luxury car models in the marketplace. The 2020 model is the best version of Lexus LS just yet with a major overhaul in terms of its styling elements. The name LS actually stands for luxury sedan that is exactly what the Lexus LS is. It comes in four different trim levels to choose from that are all looking great.

The four available tri levels of Lexus LS are LS 500, LS 500 F Sport, LS 500h, and LS Inspiration Series. It comes with the starting price of $75.450 for the RWD and $78.670 for the AWD. The maximum power of this luxury sedan is 416 horsepower with 4.6 seconds needed to reach 60 mph from 0 mph on straight. The interior cabin is spacious enough for five passengers that boosts the versatility of this sedan in luxurious appeal from Lexus.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Next on the list of best luxury car models to consider in 2020 is Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It is unquestionable that Mercedes-Benz offers luxury cars until today. The car is offered in the standard version as well as the AMG version. The standard version has four trim levels while he AMG version comes with only two trim levels. The AMG version is the one for those who love a higher level of performance from this car because it is the more powerful one with better engine.

The one with the highest performance level is the AMG S 65 Sedan with its peak power outage at 621 horsepower. Unfortunately, its acceleration to reach 60 mph is 4.2 seconds that is slower than the AMG S 63 4MATIC+ Sedan with just 3.5 seconds needed. Mercedes-Benz is obviously a very famous name within the car industry when it comes to a high performance luxurious looking car. There is no need to hesitate upon purchasing the S-Class from Mercedes-Benz.

Range Rover

Another popular name within the luxury car segment of today is Range Rover. This car is the luxurious version of Land Rover. The latest generation is the fourth generation of the car that has been so revolutionary along its development and improvement from the first generation. The outside of the car makes it pretty capable of dealing with various terrains. Meanwhile the interior of the car is highly comfortable with quality materials for the upholstery.

There are three engine options to consider when buying the latest version of Range Rover. It means that the different engines have been optimized to deal with specific purposes in driving the car. The available engines include a 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and V8 engines. The V8 is definitely the one with the highest level of performance. The Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle feature of this car helps a lot in enhancing the driving experience of Range Rover.

Audi A8

The A8 from Audi is one of the best-looking models of luxury car in 2020. It is offered by Audi in three different trim levels to choose from. The first one is the A8 L with a starting price of $85.200 that is capable of delivering its peak power output of 335 horsepower. The second one is the A8 L Plug-in Hybrid that is priced at $94.000 by Audi. The third one is the high-performance version of the A8 L that is capable of boasting up to 453 horsepower.

The car looks good from the outside with the iconic styling from Audi just as seen on its grille. The features that come with all of the models include the driving mode selection. It employs the options of Comfort, Dynamic, and Auto for the best driving experience and performance. There are many decent features as well offered by Audi within the scope of driving assistance inside the highly comfortable interior cabin with a high level of luxurious appeal.

Jaguar XJ

It is estimated that the 2021 model of Jaguar XJ will eventually hit the car market in the segment of luxury car. The company has been around for decades and producing some of the best-looking luxury cars that are fast as well. The 2021 model is roughly estimated to have its starting price of $100.000. The 2021 model is about to be an electric car which will run up to 300 miles after a full recharge of its power source.

The maximum power outage is estimated to be at 394 horsepower that is very good already for a luxury type of car. Comfort and cargo as well as entertainment and connectivity within the cabin have been prepared well by Jaguar for its luxurious type of car. Driving assistance features are there as well to help the drivers to maximize the driving experience while at the same time minimizing the risk when driving the car itself.

The Verdict

It is totally about personal preferences in eventually deciding whether to buy a luxury car or not. There are good things about that particular style of car as well as the bad things about it. The very basic way to decide is to consider the functionality of the car alongside the price. A good car that is no affordable is not a good car anymore. Buying an expensive car that is not practical for everyday driving needs is not a good idea as well.

On the other hand, it is always a great idea to have a luxurious looking car for some special occasions. Even though the car will be okay to be driven daily, it is just not the idea of having all of the luxury offered by luxury cars just for daily driven cars. Some car models even offer additional features that are not needed and used by the owners and drivers of the cars. It is eventually better to buy the one car that will provide just enough features to use.

In the end, buying a luxury car is similar to buying supercars or even hypercars. They are all expensive cars to buy that cannot be driven freely and enjoyably as daily driven cars. Yet, as long as the budget is available to buy one of the models of luxury style car out there, it is okay to buy one. The recommended one to buy is the one that offers the best value for money by looking at the given features on the car by the manufacturer.

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