Car Enthusiast Gifts

I am going to give you guys a few ideas as far as what you can give someone that is into cars. Any kind of car male/female does not matter. It can be somewhat universal. Just as long as you know what kind of their tastes are. You should be able to figure out what kind of car enthusiast gifts you should get them. Most of these things can be bought on Amazon even at your local parts store.

Car Enthusiast Gifts

So to begin we are gonna start talking about the most precious gift that everybody wants. You can definitely give a gift of a car. It does not have to be anything new but there are so many cars out there. If you try to give them a project car just make sure they like projects. For me I am not a big fan of getting newer cars. But I always get projects and I never finish them or never start on them. But it is still a good gift to give.

Detailing Supplies

Let us get to some more practical gifts. So one thing that almost every car person needs is detailing supplies. That is one of the things that you are always running out of. You will never have enough of it.

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Foam Cannon

There is always new things coming out. So one of the main things that a lot of car people like to see. Especially if you watch any detailing videos is a foam cannon.

So a foam cannon what it does is you fill it up with car wash soap. You have to have a pressure washer and it literally sprays a thick layer of foam all over your car. And just looks very satisfying and also helps get rid of a lot of that dirt. So that’s definitely a very good gift idea.


Also included microfiber rags drying towel. There is so many options out there. You can also get them air fresheners that is something that you know quick and easy.

Car Enthusiast Gifts UK

Car Enthusiast Gifts : Car Cover

Another good gift idea would be a car cover. So there are all kinds of card covers out there. There is a bunch of cheap ones. there is also ones that are custom tailored to the specific car. If you want to get one that is made for that specific car, make sure you know their car information. Otherwise you can just get a universal one. This is a very good choice for someone that does not really drive their car that much. Or if it is like a weekend car or show car. Or if this want to protect it from the elements.

Car Enthusiast Gifts : All Weather Mat

All weather mat. So what this does is just pretty much a full rubber mat. It protects the interior of your car from you know all the dirt, the salt, the snow. When it starts raining and stuff you do not want all that stuff coming inside your car.

When it starts getting colder, batteries start going out quite a bit as well.

Car Enthusiast Gifts : Emergency Tool Kit

It is also a good idea to try to gift like an emergency tool kit. This can be like the ones that have a few little tools in it. A flare high visit high-visibility jacket, jumper cables and stuff like that. It comes in handy more than you would think.

Jump Starter

Another cool idea for a car enthusiast gift would be a jump starter. These jump stars the technology has been advancing quite a bit. You can literally buy a jump started this big. It do actually you know jump starts a car from being fully dead. Duracell jump starter that has been tested. It has been doing phenomenal. You can actually buy this at any of your local retailers Walmart Target any of your local auto parts stores or Amazon.

Car Enthusiast Gifts : Mechanic Tool Sets

Give to someone that is actually a little handy and they like to work on their car. There you can never have enough tools so mechanics tool sets. They are all over Walmart everywhere Amazon obviously. And they have all kinds of variety of tools they have varying pricing as well. They have ones are like 100 bucks 200 bucks 300 bucks.

There is just mechanics tools so even if they have better preferred brand like snap-on or whatever. You can get them these tools because you never know when you might need them. Whenever something might break that is a very safe choice to get a whole tool set.


Tools is going along with a toolbox now. This is a little bit more expensive but that is a lot of people’s pride and joy. So depending on how fancy you want to go with it. You can get one like 150 bucks or you can get like almost a $10,000 one. But there is all kinds of pricing in between. There is all kinds of different sizes so it always makes it actually pairs really well with tools.

Car Enthusiast Cars : Car Related Gift Card

It is always a safe bet to buy a gift card. I know a lot of people do not like giving gift cards as a gift. But like you know if this is a little bit more individualized.

If they are into cars and you give them some kind of a car related gift card. so depending on if they are into. Like you know European cars or what you can give them a gift card. Like ECS tuning FCP euro or even just your local auto parts store.

That is autozone advanced auto parts car quest whatever you name it. So that is all of it obviously very very safe bet. you can not really go wrong with the gift card. It is not personalized. But at least they can go and spend that money towards whatever they really need.

Now going along with the theme of working on cars.

Car Enthusiast Gifts : Bluetooth Scanner

You can also get like a Bluetooth scanner. Anybody that owns the car should have this tool. So it is pretty much like a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi scanner they plug into your car. And whenever there is like a check engine light on or anything it will tell you what is going on.


So along with the people I like to work on their cars, a good accessory would be like a jumpsuits. There is all kind of mechanics jumpsuit. That is something that they can just roll in underneath their car and out.

Dash Cam

There is a lot of people that want to protect their investment. They want to know what is going on at all times. There is a lot of crazy people out there. There is a lot of people that door ding your car. There is a lot of people that try to do insurance fraud and stuff like that. So it is a good bet to have a dash cam installed in your car. This is something that you can buy online especially with Black Friday. There should be a lot of good deals like Cyber Monday for a technologist accessories such as a dash cam.

There is all kinds of dash cams out there. You can get a couple of them if you want. So you put one in the front one in the back. Or just buy one I mean however you would like to do it. These dash cams are very good especially for you know people that are in highly dense areas. Major city where there’s a lot of traffic. This is a very good accessory and it will protect you in the long run as well.

Diecast Model

Now for the younger audience. Or for someone that has been collecting like hot wheels or Matchbox cars or something like that. A very good gift would be like a diecast model. So there are all kinds of diecast.

You can find a diecast model of either their dream car or the car that they already own. That is something that everybody will cherish. Make even put on their desk, they can put it on their you know nightstand in their room.

Tickets for Car Show

There are always gonna be tickets for car shows going on presale. There is a lot of big car shows. You can just look online for any local car shows that will be coming.

Dream Car Rental

It is on a lot of people’s bucket list while I am talking about a dream Car Rental. So there is quite a few options in this category you can rent a dream car for a day. They could just drive it around even for a couple days. Or you can find like a location where they have like a track. Or some kind of an experience where they allow you to really push the limits of that dream car. You also have ride along with professional drivers. They will take you around the track. They will let you step on it.

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