How to Sell More Cars

It is time to learn how to sell some cars. You are going to learn top 10 tips for how to sell more cars and close more deals. So if you are a car salesman and you want to increase your numbers. Make sure you follow these tips.

Let us get started with tip number one. Tip number one is going to apply to when you are meeting and greeting customers out on the lot. That number one tip is going to be shake every hand. So when you meet a customer they might come in by themselves. They might come in with their husband and wife. It might be a whole family. No matter how many people are there, you want to introduce yourself to everybody. Present and shake everybody’s hand introduce yourself. Get their names. Make sure you shake every hand and introduce yourself to every customer that is present in the group.

How To Sell More Cars At A Dealership

Tip number two is gonna be make yourself googleable. People want to be able to go into google and search your name and instantly see what you are about.

Tip number three with your customers is always walk a lot and sell what you can see.

Number four. Biggest tip is you are not in the car sales business you are in the appointment business. So what that means is you want to be booking as many appointments as you can. Appointments sell cars it’s much easier to sell a car. you always want to be in your office making calls every day.

Number five for how to sell more cars is going to come down to pricing. Everybody works for their hard-earned money. So it is up to you to try to get them to spend that money and show them value. But an easy way to show them. Value is not focusing on the price of the car. But focusing on the payment always try to quote within the payments. Do not tell them the final price of the car is 22.000. Try to say the price of the car it’s gonna fall right in the 220 bi-weekly range.

Going to help you with the payments as well is number six for tips of how to sell more cars. Always try to get some money down from a customer. So there is a lot of advantages to have money down. It will help you get a better approval with the bank. It will help you give them a lower quote when you are discussing the payments. It also will help you appear lower than your competition.

Never be negative no matter what happens in your life. You need to have a light switch. I kind of call it customer mode where you are in customer mode. You are going to be smiling you are going to be happy no matter how down you are. This is number seven is to always be positive for how to sell more cars.

Number eight is going to be always follow your sales process. So you should have a sales process. That is once you are experienced you are going to learn this sales process. It is almost going to be just like riding a bike and try to follow your sales process. Meet customers and pre-qualify them, ask them questions in terms of what they are looking for. What their budget is things like that. Then going to move on to the product presentation and the demonstration show them the car that fits their needs.

Number nine is going to be your follow-up. So there is going to be some customers. That you do not close that day for whatever reason they might need. To go to talk to their wife. They need to check their insurance. They might not be for another few months. They might want to look for some cars. You need to write these customers down or use a CRM system. So you can track all your calls and you need to follow up with these customers normally. Immediately after a customer leaves their lot I will send them an email of what we discussed.

Number 10, the last tips for how to sell more cars is probably the biggest one here. That is kind of a standard throughout all sales and no matter what you are selling. But that is going to be asking for the sale. You need to ask your customers for the sale. If you do not ask you are probably not going to get the sale. So you need to be a little bit aggressive. You need to swallow your pride. If you have just spent an hour or two with them showing them cars. You have the right to ask them if they are going to buy the car today. And there is a lot of different ways to do this. A few things that I like to do. I like to ask them and just say okay so. Then get move things forward we are going to need a 500 deposit are you going to pay that on visa or debit very straightforward. You are going to ask them what payment their option. Giving them two options. Both of them are options you want to hear whether they say visa or debit. You are going to get the sale.

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