Custom Car Interior – Leather Seats vs. Fabric Seats

The presence of the “custom car interior” allows you to be creative with your car. Even though it could cost a fortune, you will be happy especially if it turns out as you’ve imagined.

The most common modification we’ve all seen is on the car seats. Besides for needs, car seats could get worn out after time. Other than that, it could make or break the entire look of your car.

Custom Car Interior

In case you plan to modify or customize your car any time soon, the car seats could be a good starter. Leather and fabric are the two most common materials used for re-covering the car seats. But which one is the best?

In this article, we have a comparison between leather and fabric for car seats. The custom car interior would also recommend this modification in the first place. But before making a decision, check out the comparison below.

Fabric Car Seats

Fabrics are cheaper, practical, and quite durable. In case you want to customize your car interior without wrecking too much of your budget, this could be a sensible option.

Talking about the advantages, as has been mentioned earlier, fabrics are cheap and easy to produce. It stands both heat and cold temperature so you don’t need to invest in too much care. 

Fabrics come in several options such as velour, polyester, neoprene, and so on. This material is also resilient towards tear, wear, and puncture. You can even wash it by machine.

And of course, there are a few things worth considering too. Fabrics are easy to get filthy and dirty. If you go with colored or dyed fabric seats, it may get faded over time. 

Once a strong odor attacks the seat, the smell might be hard to get rid of. It may promote the growth of mildew and pollen without proper care.

Leather Car Seats

Meanwhile, if you want to go luxury, leather is such an excellent choice. It costs much higher than fabric materials but you would see the significant differences between both materials. 

You would love leather car seats for a lot of reasons. Leather is resistant toward stain and you can wipe the surface to clean it. The material might be a bit sensitive to extreme climate but some sophisticated systems would fix that.

Once you use leather for the interior, it will increase the aesthetic point dramatically. Also, leather seats might add to the resale value of your car.

However, some factors are worth noting. As we all know, leather materials are quite expensive. You may wait until your budget permits or go with synthetic options. Once the surface cracked, torn, or worn, it might require a fortune to repair while the process could be quite complex.

Some of them are not environmentally friendly. Other than that, the surface can be slippery with less grip provided. During hot months, the seats may get scalding and freezing during winters.

More than anything, the choice is yours. Make sure you have weighed each point wisely before jumping to the “custom car interior” company.

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