Ford F-350 Tonka Truck – What’s New In 2019?

After a long hiatus, Ford released the Tonka Truck again in 2019. This car was popular in 2002, but after that Ford did not make any improvement in this series. In 2019, the Ford F 350 Tonka Truck comes with various advanced features, the latest technology and more modern design. Ford released 6 trims that can satisfy the tastes of truck lovers who love cool and premium car.

Ford F 350 Tonka Truck Price


The F 350 Tonka uses a V-8 engine with 6.2 liters capacity. The horsepower is 385 hp with maximum torque of 430 lbs.-ft @ 3800 rpm. The drive train is rear wheel drive with 6-speed automatic over drve and auto-manual. The front suspension uses twin i-beam with anti roll bar, while the rear suspension is rigid axle.

Car safety system is supported by four-wheel ABS brakes. In addition, there are airbags on the front and sides for the passangers. Power door locks are not only for passengers, but also for tailgate. The car security system includes keyless entry, full size spare tire, panic alarm and immobilizer.


The seating capacity is only for 3 people. The shape of the seat is a bench wrapped in leather. The height of driver’s seat can be adjusted, while the reclining settings can be set manually both for the driver seat and passenger seat. The floor has been equipped with carpets even to the side of the bed truck. Generally, floor coatings are made of vinyl or rubber.

The head unit is equipped with a touch-screen LCD monitor. There are also 5-speakers system, satellite radio trial, AM/ FM satellite. Wireless phone connectivity, radio data system, AM/ FM radio, and AppLink as their smart device integration system.

Exterior of Ford F 350 Tonka Truck

This car has masculine-look with black grille and its chrome accents. The bottom of the grille is a bumper with rub strips which has same color as the body. The rear and front are equipped with mud flaps to prevent the car from being disturbed when off-roading. Most of the body is quite lightweight because it is made of aluminum material. The look of the car is painted in metallic colors.

The number of cars door is only 2 in black on the door handles. The view door mirror still uses the manual type for folding. However, there is already a turn signal indicator under the cover. The rear wheel size is 18 inches. Both of tires, front and rear uses 275/65 R18E. They are alloy wheels with chrome hub wheels cover. It makes the car look sporty.

Pros and Cons

The sophisticated engine makes this one vehicle more powerful. Diesel V8 makes your trip more comfortable even for mild off-road. In addition, the engine technology is also able to reduce fuel consumption significantly. Now users no longer need to worry about the fuel budget because Tonka Truck is quite economical in the super cab class.

This car has been facilitated with sophisticated features so that the price of the Ford F 350 Tonka Truck is quite expensive. You need $34,320-$83,090 to get this one. Besides being expensive, Tonka is only available in automatic transmission and there is no offer to change into manual transmission.

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