Dodge Small SUV

This Dodge small SUV review might be what are you looking for. For you who are seeking for the affordable and practical SUV to your family, this might be a good option. The Dodge Journey 2019 seems to offer plenty of features.

Dodge Small Suv

Is The 2019 Dodge Journey Good?

The new series comes with some changes with the following pros and cons:

Pros – It comes with an intuitive system for entertainment and also affordable price. Besides, the engine for the 2019 series is new with V6 coming with lower trims.

Cons – Unfortunately, there are no safety features, base engine acceleration, ponderous handling, and the subpar predicted reliability rating.


There are three trim levels including SE, GT, and Crossroad. This 2019 doesn’t include the SXT trim but it is good news seeing the V6 engine in the series. The 173 horsepower and 166 lb.-ft of torque resulted from its 2.4 liters 4 cylinder engine. This is delivered to its front wheels with the 4-speed automatic transmission.

A bigger capacity is added to the Crossroad trims and SE versions with the 3.6-liter V6 engine resulting 283hp and its 260 lb.-ft. All V6 models come with the 6-speed automatic transmission. For the front-wheel drive, the feature is standard with the option for AWD (all-wheel drive).

What Are The Changes In 2019 Dodge Journey?

Besides removing the SXT trim, there are additional standard equipment for its base SE trim including the fog lights, performance improvements for the front and rear bumpers, LED rear taillights and the power heated side mirrors. Besides, the SE trim comes with the blacktop appearance package, there is also new paint color for the exterior.

Then, What We Think About This New 2019 Dodge Journey?

Of course, in terms of budget, this Dodge small SUV is the least expensive. For you who are seeking for the 3-row crossover SUV, this can be your reference. Of course, with such a budget, this car is lack of advanced technology and comfort features. With its 173 horses to the front wheels, who wants to haul the 7 passengers in the long journey? In case you feel OK with such power.

Compared to other low budget small SUVs, this is not the best one but of course, it still has attractiveness to some targeted customers such as people who are running rental car companies rather than actual customers. Or, maybe for people who search for SUV with little power behind its wheel.

Most of us appreciate the impressive 3.6L V6 engine with its keyless ignition, roof rails a 4.3-inch entertainment system and its comfortable reclining seats. But of course, the Dodge Journey series gives you the option to have three rows of seating. It depends on the trim level you choose.

For the interior and colors capacities, the SUV offers 67.6 cubic feet when you fold the second and the third rows. It can deliver a satisfying ride and the best part is it is available in 10 options including Redline, Blood Orange, Contusion Blue, Destroyer Gray, Billet, Granite, Olive Green, White Noise, Pitch Black and Vice White.

For latest SUV such as Ford’s 2020 Explorer.

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