Need to know! Rocket Bunny BMW E30 Modification

Rocket Bunny BMW E30 – As you know about the wide body that you often encounter in racing games. In the real world, it exists, and its application is through a modification of the BMW E30. Yes, this legendary car from BMW will be very interesting if it is added to the Bunny Rocket.

rocket bunny bmw e30

Now for you automotive lovers, this time we will share some things you need to know about the Rocket Bunny BMW E30. But, before that, let’s review together about this legendary car.

What to Look for in a BMW E30 Rocket Bunny Modification

BMW never disappoints in presenting the best cars in its class. This German-made car is always seen as luxurious and elegant even though it’s an old model. And for those of you who like it, it’s very suitable for modification.

History of the BMW E30

The BMW E30 is the second generation of the BMW 3 series. This car was first introduced in 1982. In its first production, the E30 came in a coupe variant. A year later there was a 4-door sedan version. In 1985, came the cabriolet version. And in 1987 the station wagon version was introduced.

The BMW E30, which produced more than two million units during its lifetime, is also marketed in four-cylinder, six-cylinder, and more six-cylinder variants.

BMW E30 Design

Talking about the design, this is interesting. BMW’s design has been strong from time immemorial until now. For the facelift version, starting from 1989 to 1991, it was equipped with a plastic bumper model. In the previous version, the bumper of this car is still an iron model. In the standard version, this car comes with 14-inch rims with 185×60 tires.

For the rear, the facelifted comes with 3 taillights, while the non-facelift version only has two segments.

BMW E30 exterior

At the front, the E30 features 4 round lights by adopting a regular bulb. The resulting retro impression makes it look so attractive. The design lines on the hood blend with the front grille. Makes it look sporty.

During the facelift, the front bumper looks thicker. The headlights on this car have also adopted a projector model. On the back, the stop lamp design is presented in a box shape. Then, the trunk opening lever on this car is above the lights.

Rocket Bunny Application on BMW E30

Well, after knowing about the BMW E30, you might think that the model is good enough and too old to be modified, especially in the body. Make no mistake, with a touch of Rocket Bunny, this car becomes a more handsome and aggressive car.

The Pandem body kit itself is the work of Kei Miura’s cold hands. As for the body kit package Pandem Aero of rocket bunny bmw e30 will fit any BMW E30 Coupe (earlier or later version). No need to cut the whole rear quarter panel. Excellent fitment – minimum adjustment or test fitting required.

Kit includes front bumper spoiler/lip, front RB over fenders, front bumper add-ons skirts add-ons, rear RB over fenders, and trunk spoiler.


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