Slammed Cybertruck

We are going to talk not just a vehicle Cybertruck but also its slammed modification. You must already know about this vehicle by Tesla. When there was a statement that Cybertruck is going to be sold for public in 2022, there was a release statement later from its founder very early on January this year that it is not really going to be released for public in 2022. Or it may be not going to be in production for public forever. But who knows.

slammed cybertruck
Credit: Veer Design

This futuristic car has catched a lot of attention of people in the net like reddit.com, dailymailco.uk and so on. There are also individuals with photoshop, rendering, automotive designer who make modification design for this car such as picture, videos and so on. You will see different modifications done by those creators. There are like slammed, tail wing, paint on the body Cybertruck. There is still discussion going on that when this vehicle is going to be released for the public.

Until then, we cannot be sure about that as we will see a lot of publication that says the uncertainty. It is known that Cybertruck is like a sports car. And it is possible that it can be customized as other sports car. If you just hear for the first time as what Cybertruck is, it is a car by Tesla. As it is stated Cybertruck is an EV, it has battery that last after 300.000 to 500.000 miles used.

People must have questions on this vehicle. What makes different to other cars. It sounds like new and only in the movie or game when you hear about Cyber truck.  You will think that this car only used for certain thing but this vehicle is out for public use. So that means that you will be able to use it in daily use like other cars. Tesla has been innovating its production to make future cars. And it is succeeded by producing EV. There haven’t been car manufacture that is specialist in making EV.

When a company creates different model like Cybertruck, it is very interesting to know what it can do. Does it perform better than any other cars? Like people wanting EV is because they want green cars and cars that have differentiation than others. Cars that has multi features and advantages. Tesla can provide that. An EV that provided a lot of customization such as digital cars. You can have a lot of customization on your car. It is like you buy a future car.

When we talk about future car, it is like green car. Tesla has made it and you can have it these days. The company has filled the space that people want in a car. Green and electrified. Vehicle like Cybertruck has also been designed to meet what people expect. It made the vehicle to be able to bring all you have within a vehicle. The design of this vehicle is made to be high. So when you can make it slammed, Cybertruck can be a lot better on design.

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