Fancy Cars in Modern Slang

For anyone that love cars, they sometimes also call their cars that they like as fancy cars. It is like when you fancy with something, you say fancy it.  It is called as it is meant to be. The word fancy by the meaning is interesting or attractive. We are in the world where automotive is growing in very rapid way as never before. There is growing market for cars as vehicle. The need for vehicle is to be owning a transportation tool to take ones from one point origin to other destinations.

fancy cars in modern slang

If you are fans of sports cars, you may say sports cars are fancy cars. The same with other cars you are fans of, you can call those type of cars as fancy cars. So the meaning of fancy cars can be cars that you fancy. You can just say a fancy car without the need of owning it. You can describe a car is fancy when there is one or more parts of the car are attracting you. It can be of its design, car model of a car brand, performance, wide body, engine such as turbo-charged or super-charged, speed such as sports car, supercar, hyper car or, types of modification such as stance or bagged or slammed, custom made such as wide body, fitment, fender, front or tail light, or body kit, types such as coupe, SUV, MPV, sedan, trucks, trims, capability, hybrid, EV or non-EV cars.

All of these cars components, types and so on belongs to car is more and more considered by many people. The creativity of automotive manufacturer or industry have emerged and evolved since the era before 90’s or 80’s. Those vehicles are not just used as transportation but also have more functions such as comfort, easiness, mobility, appearance, style and so on. So people used to call it as a car as a mean of transportation. But nowadays, people likes many types of cars that evolved in many ways. We do know that we are amazed of luxury cars by the time we know it.

Some of us also stills like the old or classic cars. There are people that like modern cars such as Lambo, VW, Chevy, Beemer or Beamer and so on. So when you are looking for car models or trims, it is also have fancy name like 86, IS, ES, LS and so on. They come from trims or model of a car.

Fancy cars may also be the same as cool cars or hot cars. This term comes from the meaning of the word itself. Actually, there are also other car terms that existed right now. In social media, there are many car terms that people use or describe. In modern slang, fancy cars can have different words such as enthusiast cars, exotic cars, super exotic cars, luxury sport cars, hyper car, super sport cars, or other calling.

There are also modern slang that we can know by searching on social media, or online dictionaries. You can find a lot of reference from Google, Bing, Yahoo or on social media such as Facebook, Instagram.

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