Ford Concept Cars

It is about Ford Concept Cars. You may know that there is American auto company that produces cars namely Ford. This is some of the Ford concept cars ever made to the public. Not all came to production level. One or two are made with alteration over the past model.

The new concept car, presented by Ford, apparently, create a unique market segment of sports vehicles at affordable prices. The developers claim that their car they created for ordinary automobilists. Japanese designer Ken Nagasaka, a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (California), has decided to turn the idea of a rally car. His concept car Ford WRC RS160 has all the advantages of the rally car, such as agility, the ability to customize performance and aggressive styling. And it’s all in a compact hatchback with the engine situated in the middle.

ford concept cars

Ford Mustang GT 500 BTF, which means back to the future, is concept car of the Ford Company. The new concept will have the design, which made famous the muscle car of 1967 year.

The forerunner was well-known in the circles of fans of drag flight muscle car, which at the time was the subject of adoration of every second teenager not only in America, but also far beyond its borders.
Technical details are unknown of course, but we can only assume that, under the body of the legendary car will be the new technology and powerful engine.

The new concept car of the 2017 year is Ford Mustang SS. The car have a 9-speed manual transmission, with any variations of automatic transmission. Ford Mustang SS have rear-wheel drive. Also, the concept get a 6.4-liter V-12 engine with a turbocharged 420 horsepower.

Also it is worth noting the new “old” appearance of the car. New Ford concept looks more like its legendary predecessor. Since all new it is well forgotten old.

Ford Mustang Shelby Retro Edition concept appeared in 2020, when the fashion for vintage cars is at the peak of glory. As always, it will be a high-speed car modification Mustang GT.

The new concept is based on a family sedan Ford Falcon as well as the very first version in 1964. In terms of technical equipment of the machine, I think it might be well known old good muscle car but with more powerful unit. The new concept is released in the fastback body and will be equipped with a supercharged engine V12, which will issue record 1,106 horse powers.

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