Lamborghini Concept Cars

The new Lamborghini supercar is equipped with 5.2 liter V10 with engine capacity of 610 horsepower. He is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 325 km/h. The car has a 7-speed gearbox.

lamborghini concept cars

The machine is equipped with numerous sensors and driver assistance systems that provide the proper level of security. Huracan is the younger brother of Aventador.

The cost of the car will be 180 thousand pounds.

The novelty, which the manufacturer called “the most exciting in the history of Lamborghini” received two-section roof carboxylic weighing six kilograms. The roof will have to be removed by hand, but the company claims that it can be removed or put in place in just a few seconds, and if necessary, it is possible to remove the luggage compartment at the front of the car.

Roadster has the same engine as the coupe – a 6.5-liter twelve-engine with 700 horsepower, and is paired with the system “start-stop” and off half the cylinders under light loads. Transmissionsystem is presented by the seven-speed robotized model.

From zero to sixty miles per hour open-roof supercar can accelerate in just 3 seconds, a tenth of a second slower than the compartments. Maximum speed is the same – about 350 kilometers per hour. Predecessor of “Aventador” – Roadster Murcielago – a soft roof, installation of which was limited by the speed of 160 kilometers per hour. Because of the appearance of a removable roof engineers had to change the rear pillars – the Roadster was provided with great rigidity of the body, to protect the revolution in the car and improve the air flow to the engine. In addition, there was a supercar windscreen behind the seats, equipped with electric drive, a removable baffle on the windshield, and also new engine compartment lid.

Who else but the Lamborghini tend to experiment with extraordinary design of the car? The new concept supercar, named Ferruccio, is made in the spirit of stealth fighter and equipped with eco-friendly engine.
A distinctive feature of the supercar Lamborghini has always been the engine V12, but in recent years most manufacturers set weaker engines to reduce emissions, equipping them turbochargers.

Mark Hostler decided to combine the two ideas, equipping Ferruccio with 5.0-liter V12 and turbocharged engine. Pistons motor drives pneumatic solenoid that produces more power, limiting pollution.

The designer was inspired by car-stealth fighters; causing Feruccio has sharp and aggressive forms of exceptionally low landing.

The situation with Ursus is completely different, if you thought about the previous SUV from Lamborghini, the LM002. According to marketers of Lamborghini, currently in the world there are tens of thousands of potential buyers of the off-road brand Lamborghini, with most of them living in the Middle East, China, USA and Russia. So thanks to those markets Lamborghini is projecting to sell 3,000 annually Urus.

Lamborghini Urus length is of nearly five meters (or more precisely 4990 mm) and width – two meters. The new Lamborghini is 120 mm longer and 16 mm wider than standard SUV model as, say, BMW X6 (only this one can be called a rival to Urus, although all are well aware that the X6 compared to the new “Lambo” is too poor and too simple) . As for the engine, it will produce about 600 hp. More accurate figures will be given only in a few years, when the leadership is determined by Lamborghini with all the technical nuances – as long as we do not know the exact amount of the power unit and how much it will have cylinders (V10 or V8 supercharged).

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