Toyota Concept Cars Ever Created What It is Today

Here, it tells about creation of Toyota concept cars ever made that shape what Toyota cars today if it has been in production of the car. First, Toyota FT-1 is the successor to the legendary Supra. The new model is called the Toyota FT-1 made its debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show. The car was created mainly for racing, as judged by aggressive styling and aerodynamics.

toyota concept cars ft 1

We only know that it will be equipped with rear-wheel drive.

toyota concept cars ft 1

NEW company motto Toyota – fun to drive. Akio Toyoda, the current president and the grandson of its founder, decided to revive the Toyota’s sports past. Salon is focused on maximum functionality and driver’s orientation. Stylistically, it resembles the interior of the Lexus LFA supercar. An interesting element that came from the military aviation is HUD-color display. The driver looks at the road directly through the transparent panel, which displays the required information.

Concept FT-1 is equipped with numerous air ducts, air intakes and spoilers. He also received the active aerodynamic element – rear wing with adjustable height and angle of attack as on Porsche 911 Turbo.

The supporting block in FT-1 is maximally shifted back to the driver for the better visibility on the track. And on top of everything the car gets a more classic silhouette.

Secondly, Toyota has unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show a concept version of a minivan Alphard Hercule. The prototype was the body of the “landau” soft and a sliding roof. Soft segment of the roof of Alphard Hercule extends from the rear to the central body pillars.

toyota concept cars

Overall length of the five-seat minivan is 5265 millimeters, width – 1850 mm, and height – 1960 millimeters. The length of the standard version of the Alphard reaches 4915 millimeters, width – 1850 mm, and height – 1895 millimeters.
In addition to the soft roof and the increased dimensions, the prototype is different from the production model two-tone color body, 20-inch wheels and completely reworked the front part of the body.

What engine is equipped with Alphard Hercule, is unknown. In Japan, the minivan is offered with a 182-horsepower engine 2.5, 280-horsepower 3.5 unit, as well as a hybrid power plant, which includes a 152-hp engine, CVT and two electric motors.

Thirdly, Company Toyota has published the first images of the conceptual two-door off-road vehicle ViRA. Its debut was in January at the Tokyo Motor Show.

toyota concept cars

According to the brand, this prototype is a kind of combination of a compact car ViTZ (sold in some markets under the name Yaris) and RAV4 crossover, and the name of the new items is derived from the first two letters of each of these models.

toyota concept cars

At the same time the concept of the exterior design there are no elements of the car, but the style of the ViRA, they hope to Toyota, appeal to young customers.
More detailed information about the new product wasn’t yet presented.

Another new car of Toyota concept cars brand in the Tokyo Motor Show was an upgraded version of the GT86 coupe, built by Gazoo Racing team. Sports car made easier, equipped with a modified suspension with sports settings, more powerful brakes and uprated from 200 to 219 forces the two-liter engine.

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