Hyundai, Audi and BMW concept car

This is about Hyundai concept car, Audi concept car and BMW concept car.

BMW concept car

According to insiders, a research center in Munich, BMW is actively working on the design of the future flagship of the brand. Moreover, the main debate today revolves around the form factor of a body – whether it is a two-door or four-door coupe? Or maybe will it be a convertible? The decision on this matter is expected in 2018.

bmw concept car

In any case, it will be a serious competitor Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. And he will surely be larger and nobler than the 6 Series Gran Coupe. The basis of the same lies CLAR platform, with all the technical and technological features. As for design, the only clue to date – a concept Gran Lusso Coupe, designed by the Germans, together with Pininfarina and exhibited in 2013 at the Villa d’Este Elegance Competition.

Hyundai concept car

Company Hyundai’s unveiled the concept crossover called Enduro at Seoul Motor Show. The car of the same name dedicated to the class of motorcycle racing endurance.
Korean car brand called it “professional tool for drivers who want to escape from mediocrity.” The target audience of this machine should be “energetic urban residents, the leading sport lifestyle.”

hyundai concept car
hyundai concept car

Hyundai has not indicated overall dimensions in an official press release. According to WorldCarFans, the length of the prototype amounted to 4271 mm, width – 1852 mm and height – 1443 millimeters.

The main feature of the exterior of steel “Terrain” plastic covers on the wheel arches and rear bumpers. In addition, the absence of the usual car side mirrors – they are replaced with a rearview camera, located at the junction of the front pillars and roof.

What is the engine installed in the concept car, the Korean brand is not indicated. According to media reports, the two-liter turbo engine is equipped with a car (capacity of the unit is not named), which is combined with a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches.

Audi concept car

The company Audi will present at the Paris Motor conceptual “four-door coupe”, built on the base model TT. The machine, which will receive the title prefix Sportback, should become a competitor Mercedes-Benz CLA. For information about the new product and its design sketch published edition Auto Zeitung.

audi concept car

Length TT Sportback will make 4470 millimeters, and the amount of luggage in the rear seat folded backrest – 850 liters. It is 293 millimeters and 545 liters more than the coupe. How spacious trunk “Sportback” will be raised at the backside, is not specified.
Detailed information about the power plant concept is not. Presumably, he will receive a two-liter turbo four-cylinder TFSI with 400 horsepower.

Earlier, the management of the brand has already stated its desire to extend the range due to the “family” model.

On the international Motor Show in Los Angeles can take place the premiere of the concept car Audi A9, as promised sources in the German automotive industry. It is assumed that it would be “4-door coupe” which will be more than 5 meters long; it will be built on a modular platform Volkswagen MLB. The car will be the first in which “run” elements of the new design language of the German company.

audi concept car

The car will receive an aluminum body, laser lights, a new grille and a digital dashboard. It is expected that the production version of the model should appear in 2017.

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