Ford Focus RS500 for Sale

Focus is a series of compact cars produced by Ford. The initial release was in 2007 and was able to take heart in compact lovers. The latest series of Ford Focus RS500 for sale was released in 2018. The design is still a sedan style with superior interior space, excellent handling, and tough engine performance.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus RS500 for Sale Specification

The RS500 uses a 2521 cc 5-cylinder turbo engine. The resulting power output of 345 HO / 6000 rpm an the maximum torque is 339 lb ft / 4500 rpm. Focus can go with speeds of up to 165 mph. The acceleration of this car is also very good. Ford claims that to reach 60 mph, the RS500 only takes about 5.4 seconds.

The dimensions of the car are 172.8 inches in length, 71.7 inches in width and 58 inches in height. The wheel base is 104.2 inch. The driving mode is all-wheel drive with a manual transmission. This hatchback is quite fuel efficient. For the city trip, it gets 19 mpg and for the highway it gets 26 mpg.


The dashboard, cabin, doors and seats all use an elegant black. This car consists of 5 seats with spacious cabin and leg room. All seats are wrapped in premium leather. The front seats are heated seats, while the driver has 8-way adjustable seats to find a comfortable position when driving.


The front of the car looks minimalist with black grille and its small size. The headlights design is elongated and slim, using LED technology. The fog lamp is at the bottom of the headlights with a black cover. The bumper design is still the same as the 2012 Focus and still uses a black accent.

The back of the car also has a minimalist theme with a rectangular stop lamp to the trunk door. There is an additional high-mounted stop lamp at the center of the trunk door. To facilitate parking, users can rely on the rearview camera and parking sensors that are on the back of the car.


The entertainment features of the RS500 series are very complete and use the latest technology. Some of them are AM / FM radio, CD player, auxiliary audio input, MP3 play, satellite radio, smart phone integration system, and premium sound system. While the air conditioner already uses climate control and has dual zones.

As a car with a high price, of course, the safety feature on the RS500 is quite reliable. Aside from the anti-theft system, the car is also a keyless entry to even start the engine. Headlights are in the form of auto-off accompanied by a fog lamp to maximize visibility while driving.


Focus is sold in various price ranges. The price of the base series is sold at $13,011, while the highest series reaches $41,120. RS500 is sold at the highest price because the specifications are better than other types. After 2018, Ford decided that the Focus series would experience discontinuation. This latest series is redesigned from the 2012 series with interior improvement.

In 2018, Focus has 8 different trims. Trim RS is a high-end series because the highest series is a hybrid car. Since its inception, the Ford Focus RS500 for Sale competed with the Honda Civic which also appeared as a sedan. However, Focus is more popular because of its high reliability rating and more affordable price.

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