Aston Martin DB10 for Sale

Have you ever watched James Bond? If yes, you must have known the car he used in the film. It was from Aston Martin called the DB10 series. The car was created limited, so ifyou search for the Aston Martin DB10 for sale, you won’t find it. It’s only one in this world and year by year, it’s in auction. Here are some about DB10 which is different than other Aston Martin series.

Aston Martin Db10 For Sale


Aston Martin DB10 for sale Specification

The engine used by DB10 is a V-8 with a 4.0-liter capacity. It is estimated that this car has an output of up to 500 HP, considering its type which is a sports car. The host system used is electrical with 7-speed automatic transmission. The highest speed is 180 mph and can accelerate up to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds.

Unfortunately, this one car can be said to be not as sophisticated as the previous generation of DB9. In terms of specifications and performance, DB9 is better because the engine is already using V-12 and the highest speed is 190 mph. However, the DB10 still has a torque value of 457 lb ft / 5000 rpm. This one is surely a great sports car.


The interior part of this car is known at an exhibition event in France in 2015. The dashboard is similar to a cockpit and sporty design. Flat bottom shaped steering wheel with Aston Martin logo in the middle. You will not find the center stack because all of the standard features are located behind the steering wheel.

The car has black shades with various sides that use premium leather. Only there is a row seat so that the car can only accommodate two people, the driver and one passenger next to it. Cabin space is quite spacious and comfortable to drive because of its coupe shape and is designed for only 2 people.


The exterior design of this car does not have much difference with the DB9 series. It’s just that the sloping hood on the front is sharper and bigger. Likewise the grill portion becomes larger. The head lights use LEDs with a design that extends to the side of the body. Sloping hood is designed in 3D and there is a small Aston Martin logo on the center side.

DB10 was only created in one color; metallic gray without a touch of chrome. The mirror and door handles are also the same color as the car body. This two-door car has 17 inch wheels, two tone silver and black polish.


You will not find this one series on public streets. Aston Martin only produces one DB10 and is used for James Bond films. Therefore, this one car ownership system is an auction. In 2015, DB10 was auctioned off at a price of $ 250,000. This fantastic price is acceptable because this car is very special.

Although Aston Martin spent 10 prototypes from DB10, the brand still will not make production on this car. Of the 10 prototypes, only one series was removed and the car was used by James Bond on film. The Aston Martin DB10 for sale didn’t happen because it’s not into production and of course they didn’t have any certifications into the road as well. You can see car like this on tuner cars.

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