Futuristic Concept Cars

This Ferrari futuristic concept car was developed by designers of Ferrari in cooperation with the aerodynamic department Formula 1 team. As a result, the car, even futuristic appearance, still meets basic technical requirements applicable to the current race car.

futuristic concept cars

It clarifies the Autosport Concept Ferrari is a response team on the design works McLaren and Red Bull, already showed a strategic group of the Formula 1 cars their vision of the future. Images of cars not yet been published, but it is assumed that they do not look as futuristic as the Italian car stable.
The car for the 2015 season the Ferrari team showed at the end of January. The car retained the old red and black paint, but received a new nose cone and the Alfa Romeo emblem on the front.

Futuristic concept car BMW i-3/60 ° allows creating an exclusive body design.
Modern car manufacturers offer only a small number of modifications of the body, but the layered structure of BMW i-3/60 ° in the near future will create an exclusive design of the car, printing details of the 3D-printer.

futuristic concept cars

The concept, developed by Han Yong-Fei, a futuristic car design with elements recognizable BMW. On the triple sports coupe hybrid engine installed, maximum friendly to the environment.

All instances of i-3/60 ° will have the same “skeletons”, but the other elements of the body will be established in accordance with the desire of the buyer. “Print” the 3D-printer lights, fenders, mirrors and other details underline the exclusivity of each car.

The thesis project of a Master student Jan P. Rosenthal at the Royal College of Art can be called a genius, albeit too futuristic design work in the automotive area. This young ambitious designer who graduated in 2009 from the Austrian University of Applied Sciences on “Industrial Design”, already boasts work with renowned brands like Toyota, NENDO, ZweiDrei Medienarchitektur, as well as prizes in design contests from Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. As part of the thesis, Jan has created a concept car of the future Lexus LF-Zero, which demonstrates a high degree of resource efficiency and maximum simplification of recycling.

futuristic concept cars

These ideas are illustrated by the concept in a simplified form: auto is completely made of only one piece of aluminum and a sheet of veneer, which created notched and bent. According to his plan, making cars using this technology will not only reduce production costs and simplify the processing, but will also give another indisputable advantage: the buyer will see how and what made his vehicle (and this is what they want in order to combat environmental problems Earth). To emphasize the simplicity of the technology (and can, in part, and the originality of his mind), a young designer did not use the sketches (sketches), but only created a few rough paper models Lexus LF-Zero.

futuristic concept cars

Bahrain based design studio Skyrill and designer by the name Marin Myftiu in cooperation with another great designer of the studio – Hussain Almossaw, together has developed an amazing concept car for the British luxury sport car marquee Jaguar. The concept car is a futuristic model of Jaguar XKX, which was actually first sketched and then fully developed basing on the very old model versions. This new car is the most futuristic one as we have ever seen.

futuristic concept cars

It is fully equipped with great core and also greatest developed automotive technology. Jaguar wonder car has a folding mirror in the back and can be recharged from the wind power, great alternative, don’t you think so? In a newly developed concept car of Jaguar XKX a mirror can completely get out of the truck when the car stops. When moving again the mirror will automatically unfold. The thickness of a mirror is just 1 cm. The car has excellent aerodynamics. In addition, XKX is also very fuel economical. The car body is covered with small piezoelectric elements, which at high speed under the pressure of the wind, start to deformed, producing additional energy. Thus, the battery that is installed in the Jaguar XKX is recharged.

futuristic concept cars
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