Cadillac Concept Cars

Cadillac X-One concept will be the next Cadillac concept car, I think. Coupe will look like a formidable charged car, with stylish and dynamic appearance. Car will have a new modified radiator grille and new optics.

cadillac concept cars

The new concept is equipped with multimedia complex with 8-inch display, 12 speakers and a Wi-Fi-router, the projection of the data onto the windshield and many other modern systems of comfort and security.

On the design exhibition in Monterrey the presentation of concept cars and finished vehicles continues. Even though we were surprised by majority of models that were shown there, there was one special car that draw our attention from the first glimpse! During this interesting event General Motors concern introduced to the audience the concept of a luxury convertible Cadillac Ciel.

cadillac concept cars

Translated from the French “Ciel” the word has a meaning close to something like “heaven”. This concept is intended to show everyone what direction the brand will move in the future. With this creative and interesting modification the car got more smooth curves and lines, as compared with the predecessors. Also, a special feature that became available with new concept Ciel is special four doors of the vehicle that open toward each other.

Under the hood the concept has a core of six-cylinder engine with the volume of 3.6 liters and 425 horsepower. Additionally there is an electric motor that allows you to name this Cadillac Ciel a hybrid vehicle. Interior is decorated with luxurious leather and natural wood. Will the car in the future be put on the conveyor – is still left unknown.

The legendary American brand Cadillac is finally returning to its roots. Ciel convertible concept car demonstrates this trend and by it own example shows which priorities in the design will be set by the artists of the brand for the forefront in the coming years. According to a statement of Clay Dean, design director of Cadillac, the style of a new machine was inspired by California’s scenic Highway 1 that lies from the northern Big Surah to Monterey. Evening tour at sunset – this picture was envisioned by creators of Ciel.

cadillac concept cars

Under the hood Ciel is equipped with 3,6-liter V6 engine with direct fuel injection and twin turbochargers, which operate as part of a hybrid installation. Wheelbase of the car equals 3175 mm, which is 305 mm longer than the sedan CTS. This provides plenty of room in the cabin. Luxury seats are divided by the “floating” floor console. The rear door of the car opens in a counter-movement. A sofa has several elegant forms. Thus, passengers can pull a leather loop and pull the cashmere blanket on the entire length of the space behind the front seats to protect themselves against the cold. In general, the concept of Ciel Cadillac turned out to be extremely American.

Concept cars are always amusing the viewers with designers and engineering genius that one couldn’t even think of. Therefore concept cars are so much expected and anticipated. Some of the very intrigue is around the coming of a new 2013 concept Cadillac ATS. Therefore let’s greet this great and exclusive car of tomorrow.

cadillac concept cars

Some can say that Urban Concept Cadillac that was shown at the L.A. Auto Show was a total head fake. The main argument was that maybe at some point in time Cadillac still do the small people-mover vehicle, but Cadillac will never do a vehicle for a small-volume niche before it actually develops a fairly genuine rival to some of that Audis A4, BMWs 3 Series and also the C-Class Mercedes. As the Cadillac CTS model is quite bigger and quite heavier car than those German ones. Therefore the forthcoming Cadillac ATS concept would rival some of the A4s and the others of that size. In terms of how well it will compete, is still quite a troublesome question. For the cost reasons, the Cadillac ATS’s unique Alpha platform has actually to serve for the both: the smaller sedan, the next generation of CTS and also the Chevy Camaro model.

The Cadillac Aera is the name for the exclusive and very futuristic-looking concept car. It was first presented in a very raw version in year 2010 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Though even being very fresh concept it still showed the best usage of engineering and design and combined it all in a successful blend which led to the first place in Design Challenge. Since in year 2012 the event will also take place, Cadillac is thinking about reviving the concept and bring it to this festive once again.

New concept car from Cadillac will be the new solution for efficiency and power. From the more utility side it was projected that the concept would have 4 seats. It is not that unusual among concept cars, though, a more sporty vehicle would definitely have just two. The new concept of Aera is a very unique vehicle as it is being powered by the mixture of compressed airs. This is made possible through a very innovative and futuristic system, known as Pneumatic Drive. If full this system with very high-volume tank can keep the car going for about 1,000 miles. Therefore this car is perceived as the miracle of efficiency, power and style.

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