2018 Shelby Raptor Truck Specs and Price

For you who love the truck, Shelby must be the brand you know well. This car only produced 500 units in 2018 so it sounds exclusive. When compared to the previous generation, the Ford Shelby Raptor Truck price is more expensive and it’s quite fantastic too. This is due to Ford providing it with a powerful engine, as sequence its performance is much better than the previous Shelby Raptor.

Shelby Raptor Truck Price

Specification of Shelby Raptor

The Shelby engine uses Twin-Turbo 3.5L V-6 with Ecoboost technology. The 3500 cc engine capacity is also supported with an output of 450 HP and a maximum torque of 510 lb-ft. But in the latest generation, the horsepower has increased by 75 HP as well as the torque which rose by 100 lb-ft. Adding numbers to that capacity results in a pleasant driving experience.

Besides its very powerful engine, this car’s transmission also uses a 10-speed automatic gearbox. The combination of transmission and high horsepower makes this car suitable for off-road use. Although the previous generation also uses the same transmission, but the increase in horsepower and torque make this car more resilient.

This supercab has dimensions of 220 inches length, 86.3 inches width, and 134.2 inches wheelbase. This vehicle is included in the all-wheel drive line-up. The capacity of the tank is 23.0 gal. Its consumption on city trips is 18 mpg, while on the highway is 16 mpg. In the truck car class, of course Shelby is still in economical class when it comes to fuel savings.

Interior of Ford Shelby Raptor Truck Price

As a truck, Shelby only has 2 seats. Each seat with a bench model covered with black and red leather. The overall car interior is black so it seems sporty. Both the driver and passenger seats, users can use height adjusters and reclining for a more comfortable seating position.


Shelby is bold with its black big grille and FORD name on it. On the bumper there is an LED bar with a length of about 40″ which glowing in the dark. The headlights use LEDs for both the front and rear. This Ford Shelby Raptor price is about $ 117,460 and it’s worth to have since the design is getting better.

This two-door car uses 17” front and rear wheels. The tire product is 245/70 R17 BSW AS. The suspension is a double wishbone with anti-roll bar. The rearview mirror and door handle use the same color as the body. Shelby appeared with very minimal chrome to maximize the impression of sportiness and off-road car.

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