Nissan Skyline R34 Left Hand Drive for Sale in the USA

So, are you looking for a Nissan Skyline R34 left-hand driver for sale in the USA? Well, it seems like you are supposed to be sad because this is considered to be illegal in many states. It is such a shame because this car gets so many rave reviews. Well, let’s see what features and specs this car is bringing.

nissan skyline r34 left hand drive for sale

The Nissan Skyline GTR R34 has evolved with the competitive engine and a fine look which makes it be one of the most raced cars in the market. It resembles the predecessor but of course, its performance is much better with more advanced features in each area. It comes without the turbo-lag with its twin ceramic intercooled turbochargers. Other specs to notice in the newer series are 2568 cc six-cylinder engine still retains its 280PS at 6,800 rpm. It comes with better power and more torque. What we like from the new series is its body which is stiffer and also aerodynamics.

The layout of the R34’s engine is still with the six-cylinder configuration in the twin overhead camshafts. It has the four-valves per cylinder and also the twin turbochargers.

There are six throttle valves inside the throttle chamber which as the single-engine cylinder. The car’s power is produced from its new Getrag gearbox.

The new Nissan Skyline R34 is designed for the racetrack use and both rod. For road application, it has an all-wheel-drive system which is designed for the high-speed drive. It comes with a series of sensors as well as multi-plate clutches so the torque can be optimized. It is very stable when you drive the car.

Compared to the older series, the Nisan Skyline R34 is lighter because the manufacturer cut some areas including alloy wheels that save the weight up to 7.7 kg. The front wings use aluminum and bonnet so it saves 1 kg.

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