Lotus Evora 400 and Lotus 3 Eleven

Lotus Company brought to the Geneva Motor Show a new version of the sports car Lotus Evora 400. In the sale of novelty will arrive in August 2015. In the company Evora 400 called “the fastest and most powerful Lotus, which was ever created.”

lotus evora 400

The car has received a new front bumper, revised grille, large air intakes and LED daytime running lights. In addition, Evora equipped with rear wing, aggressive diffuser, as well as 19- and 20-inch lightweight wheels, “shod” in tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport.

lotus evora 400

Inside, the changes are less significant. Sports car differ vents, otherwise the steering wheel with three spokes, recycled dashboard, a new infotainment system and sports seats. Under the hood of the car installed petrol 3.5-liter V6. Motor power is 400 hp and 410 Nm of torque. The power unit works in conjunction with an improved six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Prior to the first “hundred” car accelerates in 4.2 seconds. The maximum speed of a sports car – 300 kilometers per hour.

The car is built on an aluminum chassis. With this weight Evora was reduced by 22 kilograms. Sports car is equipped with an adjustable suspension, new brakes and a limited slip differential.

The company, known for its incredibly fast and stylish sports cars from aluminum and air slowly goes into oblivion, because of the great financial difficulties and lack of modern lineup. Even global brand expectations related to the launch in 2015 of a family looking coupe have not been confirmed, and instead regenerated Elan, Elite and Esprit at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show we will see a new modification of the charged Evora 400 – the last hope for a decent return of Lotus in the tops of automobile news.

lotus evora 400

New Evora 400 received at its disposal an aggressive aerodynamic body kit. It includes brutal and mismatched with exterior style large air intakes and front bumper, black lining on the side of the body and a huge diffuser to the exhaust pipe and displaced reversing lights. Also tricycle black spoiler appeared unusual with the stoplight section, contrasting side mirrors and silver 20-inch rollers. Looks sporty, cute and … ordinary.

lotus evora 400

Shop seriously changed after processing. New multimedia system with a large screen, the new design of the tunnel, new wells devices, the new three-spoke wheel. New materials and finishes are completely lost against the background of all these visual transformations interior.

A new version of the 2018 Lotus Evora GT410 with a sleek sports design and advanced technology. Quick and dexterous advanced model, which will not leave indifferent any riders. And such a deep and catchy blue color will not leave this car in the shade.

Lotus released an extreme sports car 3-Eleven with a 420-horsepower engine. Novelty equipped six-cylinder engine capacity of 420 horsepower. According to the head of the British brand, the maximum speed of Lotus 3-Eleven will be about 285-290 kilometers per hour. Extreme Lotus will be positioned as a sports car track, but it will be resolved riding on public roads. Public debut Lotus 3-Eleven took place at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Model will be released in a limited edition of 311 copies.

lotus 3 eleven
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