The Best Luxury Sports Car to Buy in 2020

Best Luxury Sports Car – A sports car does not only need to drive fast on the road. It has to look good as well for some people. That leads to a specific segment in the car market known as a luxury sports car. Some names are pretty consistent in manufacturing cars to hit that segment. So far in 2020, there are several good options for the top luxury sport cars to choose from. Just remember that the price of these cars is not going to be budget-friendly because they are really fast and beautiful at the same time.

best luxury sports car

Porsche Boxer

The name Porsche is always associated with speed and beauty. The 2020 Porsche Boxer is undoubtedly one of the best options in the luxury sports car segment. There are different trim levels to choose from buying this car that will differentiate the price as well. The lowest end of the Porsche Boxer will only cost $59,600 while the highest end will cost up to $96,300. The base engine will provide 300 horsepower while the one for the highest-end will provide 414 horsepower to squeeze.

Lexus LC

It is only reasonable that Lexus has its car in the list of the best luxury sports car to buy in 2020. It is the luxury brand of Toyota that does not think twice about providing a beautiful beast on the road for car enthusiasts. The 2020 year model of Lexus LC500 is priced at $92,950. Meanwhile, there is the Lexus LC500h that costs $97,460 which is a hybrid version of the standard LC500. The standard LC500 has 471 horsepower while the hybrid version has only 354 horsepower under its hood respectively.

Chevrolet Corvette

Corvette may not always be popular as a luxury car due to its high-performance level. Yet, here it is the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette in the list of top luxury sport cars to buy in 2020. It comes in just one version with a 6.2-liter V8 engine to deliver 490 horsepower in its peak performance level. Chevrolet does offer an upgrade package called Z51 package to squeeze the performance just a bit to 495 horsepower of that engine. It costs $58,900 for the standard version and $60,095 for the Z51.

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Unlike Corvette that has slowly become a luxury car from its high-performance sports car base, Mercedes releases SL-Class to spice up its luxury cars line up. It has its starting price of $91,000 for the 450 while the 550 has its price of $114,700. The 450 version comes with a V6 engine to boasts 362 horsepower while the 550 comes with a V8 to run 449 horsepower. That price is only reasonable for a Mercedes-Benz that is capable of delivering a high level of performance. There are more than those four cars in the luxury sports car segment in the marketplace today. Yet, those are some of the cars that stand out from the rest. In the end, it is more about the availability of the budget and a bit of personal taste to eventually choose the best luxury sports car to buy in 2020.

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