The Best Value Sports Car You Should Buy This Year

Best Value Sports Car – How much is a sports car that you want to buy? There are two kinds of the car’s value that you should mind: the value of the car when you buy it, which is the car’s price, and the value of the car after you use it. Sports cars are indeed among the most expensive cars on the market; however, the value of some cars drops significantly even after they just leave the dealership. If you want to buy a sports car with the best value, you should buy a car that remains valuable even after you use it.

best value sports car

The best value sports car is thus a car that maintains its expensive price when you later decide to sell it. Although most expensive cars have this trait, finding a cheap car that can maintain its value is rather hard. The best sports car with the best value should be affordable enough to buy and continue to be marketable even when they become pre-owned.

If you are looking for a sports car with this characteristic, check out the following three models.

Chevrolet Camaro SS

Camaro SS’s 6.2-liter 455-hp V8 engine with 455 lb.-ft of torque is a magnet that almost no sports car lover can resist. The engine, along with other superior features that this sports car offers, makes it the best value sports car that you must have in your garage. You will love it when you buy it, when you are using it, and finally when you want to sell it. With proper maintenance and usage, it always holds its great value, so you will never be disappointed should you decide to buy this car. Its under-4k price is considered right even for buyers with a limited budget and its resale value is always impressive. Get this sports car and you will definitely treasure it.

Chevrolet Corvette

Anyone who loves Camaro will always compare it with its direct sibling: Corvette. Chevy’s Camaro and Corvette are always among the most prized models in the sports car market. They also hold their value well, making them the best value sports car with a good sale and resale prices. You want to buy a Corvette instead of a Camaro if Camaro looks too muscular. Chevy Corvette is indeed the sleeker model with a low nose and clean lines. If you love a car that continues to hug the road as it reaches its top speed in seconds, you should buy a Corvette. Reach 60 mph from 0 in less than 3 seconds and enjoy the sporty sensation that this sports car offers.

Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus is known to be a versatile sports car that performs excellently in various driving scenarios. It is fast on smooth city roads and also powerful as an off-road race car. Its versatility easily translates into its great value. How much is a sports car that can do many exciting things for you? By riding the latest model of Ford Focus ST, which features a 252-hp engine with 270 lb.-ft of torque and 6-speed manual transmission, you can easily decide that this under-3k sports car is definitely the best value sports car to buy.

There are a lot of sports car out there. Why don’t you check out this page on sports car enthusiast.

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