The Previous Aston Martin DBS

The company Aston Martin has recently gave out on public the first information about the possible successor of the great supercar model known as Aston Martin DBS, which received the prominent name AM 310 Vanquish. The public debut of this new model Aston Martin 310 Vanquish will be held in California during the annual festival of Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Aston Martin DBS

Supercar was built on a new platform of the fresh Aston Martin VH, in a special style and design which use the great combination of aluminum and carbon fiber, that offer more light-weight for the body structure. The front suspension is therefore about 13 percent lighter than the one at the DBS model, and the tensional rigidity has also increased by more than 25 percent. Engineers have achieved this great success by using the aluminum panels for the body, as well as some magnesium and carbon fiber.

The Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe 310 in the base modification will be exclusively double-seated, but at an extra cost-charge the supercar can also get two additional seats.

The Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe 310 in the base modification will be exclusively double-seated, but at an extra cost-charge the supercar can also get two additional seats.

Aston Martin V12 DBS, the great luxury car in which James Bond, who was played by Daniel Craig, was driving in the movie Quantum of Solace, was sold at an auction for 390,000 dollars. As it became known just recently, this car was the most expensive lot of the auction, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first screens of the first film about the greatest agent of all time – James Bond 007.

Aston Martin DBS

AIt should also be noted that the vehicle that was sold – was one of seven cars that were used during the filming. All in all for the closed charity auction there were 10 lots, which were related to the film-series about 007. All lots have been sold.

Aston Martin DBS

Furthermore, among other auction items there was a special edition of the works of Ian Fleming in 18 volumes, sold for $ 147,500, with a preliminary assessment of $ 16-24 thousand. The total revenues from the auction exceeded $ 1.2 million. All funds raised at these auctions, as well as from the sale of a special edition of the auction catalog will be sent to 12 different charities. The day before the auction in the UK the celebration of the 50th anniversary of James Bond – a series of films about the legendary James Bond 007 were started.

New Tuning for Aston Martin DBS

If you own one of the most exclusive and luxury models of the great British automaker – Aston Martin DBS, and for some reason you no longer think that the power is enough and there is no more excitement from the driving experience, so great designers and engineers of German tuning house Wheelsandmore came to help you.

They have developed a special package for the Aston Martin DBS-setting called Carbon Edition, it includes a slight change in appearance and in the power output. If for you this is not enough, Wheelsandmore can further change the look and feel of the car’s interior. Therefore you can truly understand the increased productivity of your vehicle.

The increase in power is due to the installation of sports filter F1, as well as because of a new exhaust system that was set with a catalytic converter, which in turn led to an increase in power from 517 hp and 570 Nm to 557 hp and 660 Nm. Improved suspension lowers the ride height by 25 mm. In addition the 21-inch wheels got a black painting, that truly adds some exclusive lines into the design especially when paired with tires Continental Sport Contact 5P.

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