Aston Martin Valkyrie Hypercar

Aston Martin Valkyrie hyperkar is closer to the serial edition. Previously, the prototype car has been presented at the 2017 Geneva Show. According to Miles Nurnberger, the creative director of the exterior design, the current Valkyrie reflects 95% of the model that will go on sale in 2019. The price is $3.000.000.

aston martin valkyrie

The production Valkyrie differs from its concept car by front and rear and even side parts, as well as by another wings and roof. The car has smooth lines without any bulging spoilers and wings. The carbon-plastic hypercar have the opened-up doors. In addition, Valkyrie has received ventilation slots between the front wings and the windshield, increasing the front down force. Inside of the car there are installed uncontrollable armchairs and fixed directly on the floor. As standard, the seats are equipped with four-point seat belts, but six-point ones will be offered as option.

There are still some details, which are especially noted by the creators. For example, light LED lamps, mounted on an anodized aluminum frame. Instead of mirrors, the designers used cameras that transmit images to two monitors in a double cabin. This icon has only 70 microns thickness. It is 30% thinner than human hair, and 99.4% lighter than the emblem on modern Aston.

This year in Geneva, Valkyrie hyper car (previously called as AM-RB 001) made its debut. The Valkyrie exterior view is the joint work of Aston Martin Company and Red Bull Advanced Technologies Companies. The novelty will get 175 copies: 150 road car copies and 25 track modifications. The new version will be launched in spring of 2019 year.

aston martin valkyrie

The Aston Martin representatives shared the details of a future hyper car. It is known that 6.5-liter V12 engine belonging to Cosworth brand and mated to a 7-step automatic Ricardo transmission will be installed under the hood. The novelty will generate 830-hp and around 900-hp due to the electric engine. The British says that the car accelerates to 322 km/h in10 seconds, and the top speed can get 402 km/h.

The hybrid unit was developed by Rimac workers, the creator of one of the fastest EV models. The brake system is designed by Alcon and Surface Transforms; Bosch is working on the electronics and Wipac on the lighting. The coupe will receive famous Michelin wheels with front 2 265/35 ZR20 and rear 325/30 ZR21 dimensions. AF Racing AG Company known as a specialist of racing cars manufacturing has also taken part in the Valkyrie modification.

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro model

AMR Pro is a racing version of Aston Martin Valkyrie hyper car that has been announced from the project’s beginning. The novelty is not destined for public roads. The British car makers have published a couple of computer drawings and shared a bit of information. The track hyper car will be much lighter, more powerful, more tractable, and more expensive than the civil one. Each of 25 copies will be priced at $4.300.000. Despite the premiere scheduled for 2020 all models are already sold.

aston martin valkyrie amr pro

The racing modification will be supplied by smaller 18-inche wheels comparing with 20-21 inches of road version as well as carbon brakes from AP Racing Company and a lightweight exhaust system. All aerodynamic elements will be improved to increase the down force. Front and rear wings will become larger. It is possible that the engineers will get rid of additional displays and use polycarbonate glasses to reduce the car’s weight.

aston martin valkyrie amr pro

Technical director of Red Bull Advanced Technologies, which is actively involved in the tuning of Valkyrie called this project as an extreme evolution. Andy Palmer Aston’s chief promised new figures of performance at the Formula 1 level and LMP1 prototypes.

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