Best Tuner Cars for Sale under 10k

Best Tuner Cars Under 10k– Buying yourself an expensive sports car is cool, but do you know something cooler than that? Yeah, build your own sports car. There’s a lot of cheap cars that can be your project to customize and modify entirely. Well, you basically don’t need an expensive car in the first place. Just a cheap car, you can rebuild it into something better at its range and speed it up as fast as those Lambo or Ferrari. Well, it is similar to a PC. First, you bought an Intel Dual-Core, then years later, you bought a new motherboard, new Ryzen processor, RAMs, and more. Basically, it is to modify your old stuff into a better one. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about tuner cars for sale. 

best tuner cars under 10k

Scion tC

The first recommendation of the tuner cars list is the Scion tC. It is one of the exclusive tuner cars for sale in the market of North America. Not just that, it is aimed at young people or buyers with high ambition in the automotive world. 

As a first-generation of Scion tC, this tuner car came with a 2.4 L Inline-Four engine that its power is equal to 160 horsepower. It could be 200 horsepower if you put the TRD’s supercharger.

To be honest, tC is guaranteed by Scion to be safe as a starter tuner car. With high ambition, effort, and time, you can make Scion tC become fast as famous sports car brands in the world. Most of the major car tuners like Garrett and GReddy have built Scion tC into a monster that has the power of more than 750 horsepower.

The price range of this car is just around $4.000 to $6.000 in USD. The best build year to pick is from 2005 to 2010 builds. 

Acura RSX Type-S

Not just an American brand that can be used as a starter tuner car to be modified. Japanese brands can also be the best choice to start your overall modification too. Acura RSX Type-S is a good one as a platform to begin customizing it. Moreover, it is also one of the best tuner cars under 10k. 

This car’s default engine has a power that equals 200 horsepower, and you can start your modification from the intake, exhaust, or header. It is cheap because Acura RSX Type-S is only around $4.000 to $8.000 in USD. The best year builds, pick that from 2002 to 2006. Even a 15 years old kid can buy this car and eventually make his Acura RSX Type-S into a clean Non-Turbo RSX Type-S with 230 horsepower. 

In summary, tuner cars are basically like a PC. You can upgrade and modify it into something better than it used to be. Of course, same as PC, you need a tuner car as a starter platform to begin your customization. A Scion tC and Acura RSX Type-S are two of the best tuner cars under 10k if you’re looking for which one is good as a starter.  

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