Top Sports Car in the World

What are the best sports cars in the world that money can buy? Are you looking for a sports car to meet your need for speed and luxury? Well, there are many options you can find out there. But, which one is the best for your needs? To help you narrow down your options, take a look at 5 best sports cars in the world on the following page.

sports cars in the world

1. Porsche 911

This latest generation of Porsche 911 will make you think about the four-wheel-drive Carrera 4S and rear-drive Carrera all at once. With the 8th generation rear-engined attached to this Porsche 911, the sports car will bring your driving experience into the next level. Unlike the previous series, this latest generation of Porsche 911 comes with a slightly wider and longer body, Being powered by twin-turbocharged engines, this sports car is also equipped with 8-speed automatic gearboxes. 

2. Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora retains a steering and chassis system of its predecessor, 2+2 Porsche Chaser that was introduced to the public more than a decade ago. However, this latest generation of Lotus Evora is more developed and comes with more features. Lotus Evora has a wider case specially designed for ownership back. Being powered by a V6 supercharged engine, this sports car will allow you to enjoy fast speed. The truculent emission of Lotus Evora will make your driving session become more enjoyable. 

3. BMW i8

If you are looking for the most unique sports car in the world to drive this year, you can put BMW i8 under your radar. The otherworldly design and amazing plug-in hybrid powertrain offered by this sports car will provide you with an appealing driving experience. Not only that but this BMW i8 is exquisitely finished, both for inside and outside looks. The vehicle also has both closed and open-roof body styles, making it look more fascinating. The handling dynamic and outright performance of BMW i8 will also allow you to enjoy an enjoyable driving experience both at circuits and in the streets.

4. Morgan Plus Six

Being more than 100 years in the automotive industry, Morgan Motor Company has carved a distinctive reputation in the business. The Plus Six series itself has hit the streets for nearly two decades. The latest series of Morgan Plus Six comes with an all-new box-section aluminium monocoque chassis and powered by a six-petrol engine. With a weight that is half a ton less than a Jaguar F-Type, Morgan Plus Six can generate more speed on the streets. The electromechanical power steering of the sports car makes it lighter on the rim. Not only that but it also makes the car easy to handle. 

5. Lexus LC

Speaking about the top sports car in the world, you can’t skip Lexus LC from the top list. The vehicle comes with a powerful V8 engine to boost the speed while keeping the smooth feeling on the surface. Lexus LC comes with a spacious cabin and a luxurious interior. Driving the sports car will allow you to enjoy all the comfort you can expect from a luxurious vehicle, thanks to its heavy, large, and leaden-footed design. 

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