Custom Car Seat Covers

4 Things to Know about Custom Car Seat Covers

Are you interested to buy or order custom car seat covers? Aside from making the car interior look more beautiful, a seat cover also functions to protect the seat from being dull or torn. But before buying the cover, including the custom cover, you must be very careful. Therefore, the product is really qualified and not easily damaged. It is also important not to be easily tempted by the cheap price. Well, even the strong materials for the cover may require you to pay more. So, here are some tips to follow for the best custom seat cover.

custom car seat covers

Find the Best Seat Cover Custom Service

It is not difficult nowadays to get services or stores for custom seat covers. However, are you sure that their products are really good and qualified? Of course, they are not always like that. So, the thing to do first is finding the best service for custom seat covers. If you find more than one, make sure to compare one to another by seeing the products, prices, and more. You can read reviews and testimonials as references.

Choose the Materials

There are many types of materials used for the seat cover. Some of them are strong and durable enough to use for a long time. Unfortunately, some others may be weaker and easily scratched. For the strong material, sure, you need to pay more. However, it is not bad at all for many benefits you can get after that. The most recommended material for the seat cover is indeed the original leather. But if you think it is too expensive, you can go for synthetic leather. You should not worry. Although the quality of synthetic leather is below the original leather, slightly, both are not so much different.

Choose the Design

Well, since it is a custom seat cover, you may already have your own design in the mind. But if you still have no idea, the store commonly provides many designs to choose from. In choosing the design, use the type and color of your car as references. This way, they can meet and complete each other. It is okay to have a seat cover with features like digital printing, painting method, and many more. But sure, it also means that you must pay more even for only one of them.

Understand the Type of Seat Cover Layering

After choosing the design, the shop attendant may ask you to choose the type of seat cover layering. There are mainly 2 methods applied; permanent and non-permanent. Permanent layering refers to a method in which the cover is attached to the seat using a certain sewing technique. While the layering is really strong, you cannot simply remove it from the seat.

On the other hand, non-permanent layering is a layering type in which the cover is just placed on the seat without being attached. For this idea of custom car seats, you can remove it anytime. Each of the layering types mentioned above has its own benefits and lacks for sure. No matter which one to choose in the end, it must make you feel comfortable when being inside.

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