Looking for Slammed VW Bug

Do you know what VW bug is? VW Bug is another name for VW Beetle. However, this model is discontinued and the last one was produced in 2019. Take a look of latest generation, this car is worth of getting slammed. When you have slammed VW Beetle, you can expect to have a custom car rather than an ordinary VW Beetle.

slammed vw bug


We can assume that someone using this car is the fans of Volkswagen car. One of these which is the long produced and phenomenal VW Beetle. When you use stanced VW Beetle or Bug, you will be more aggressive using it. Because a lowered Beetle still has breathtaking look for the street passer, very low distance of the car with the pavement is eye catching. You can get amazed all the time because of this look of custom car.

If you are new with this car, this VW beetle has been more than decades existed on the history. It appeared that you will still be shocked if there is very old Bug on the road. This car has curve shape that everyone that never sees this car will be stunned with it. That is why this car is produced. VW is a car manufacture that produces unique cars and has their own followers. But you will see the classic more often because they are many fans of this classic Bug.

Stanced VW Bug is very good for any world citizens that live in urban or rural places. No matter where you live or travel, custom made low parts will deliver a pleasure for which you can not resist. However, the discontinuation of the car would not make any fans dislike it. Probably, you that is in the first place do not like the car, then you will be the fans of the VW because of this stanced VW Bug. This is very common that people seeing a slammed custom would be ending to be a fan for stance custom.

It is not too difficult to differentiate between ordinary VW Bug and slammed VW Bug. It is the distance between its lower of car and the street surface or ground clearance. This can be done by slamming or stancing its suspension meaning lowered suspension. VW Bug that is slammed to the ground will be lower than its original car.

For the year that you need to select, it is based on your preference. If you like to own classic car, then there is classic cars for sale USA. Another newer Bug is also available. VW Bug and VW Beetle is not different. It is just the different name that it use. In this modification, slammed VW bug is not a little worry too much to use it. It is like British governor cars that used in the old times. Can you imagine you live in a time where these type of cars were all seemed the best at that time? It is still going to be worth it to see it being slammed. I feel it is still going to be worth it.

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