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This is the success story of guest post campaign that can be applied to automotive guest post marketing campaigns. I hide the person’s name. One of the biggest guest blogging campaigns ever run and by the end of the first year 80 guest posts have been published on high authority sites. Since then the work continued towards Forbes, Business Insider and Entrepreneur.

automotive guest post


Someone can start writing articles, start publishing content but someone can not really shift a lot to focus on link building in the form of guest blogging. You can see it on someone’s website through Ahrefs profile. There, you can see that more authority sites linking on someone’s website has direct correlation to the increasing traffic. 

It is relevant to automotive niche as well. The more car blogs that accept guest posts you can ask and can get a backlink, the more link juice all those backlinks pass to your own website. Then that will increase organic rankings and you can get about much more readers to your website blog every month. When you look at the google analytics like in the first few months, there is a few thousand people. Then when you really start doing a lot of guest blogging, writing a lot of articles, building up authority through these posts. Then the rest is history. You will be able to attract 500 000 monthly readers. 

Automotive Guest Post Sites

Now you know automotive guest post sites is instrumental in growing this initial traffic and helping build authority. So if you are in automotive niche, you know you are going to need some type of authority to rank. You do not need to outrank everybody with the best authority but you need some initial authority in order to be in the ballpark and compete. 

So 80 plus guest posts on high authority sites, you can see all the different sites whether on crazy bright local social marketing, dollar sprout click search engine watch, and you just keep going down the list and there is a bunch of different sites. You can look at some of these different ones you know all kinds of different topics. 

When someone started the blog and you can see you need automotive blogs guest post to link back to the main website. You know you can link to different sites and you can see that at that time who you are working for at that time. So you write an article about that and you are writing about big thing. Then you can write one somewhere else about strategies to drive sales and linking back to article on sales program right here. So all this stuff linking back to your site is writing about your story and the list just goes on and on.

So you know what is automotive submit guest post fit in into the link building strategy and how can you implement this yourself well. Number one, guest posts are kind of like the engine behind your initial link building to become a successful automotive sales, marketing and company. 

You can make more money on your job, you really need to build relationships with other owners of automotive blogs and one way to do that is with guest posting. What you can do is basically write articles for other sites and link to yours in the content. So you can have your guest author bio, you can also link one or two times within the content itself that passes page authority from that website to yours. The car guest post shows you as a trusted source of information and helps you rank. So if you think about the world wide web it is a giant spider web and you just start a new website. You’re on the outskirts and Google is not going to trust you. They want to show that you are the most trustworthy and you know obvious sources of information of the things that are going to be the best you know drawn up best for search. 

Car Guest Post

And if you are just starting out, you do not have links to you yet then they can not really trust you as an authority. It is like a research paper without any site or any sources cited or anything like that so you need links. Initial link to do that is guest post cars. 

Guest blogging is one of the easiest ways because we are not going to get the links passively when we are first starting out. No one is going to find us and we can not ask for links yet. We do not have leverage so guest post is the best way to build links. So you need about 100 plus guest posts and increase DR to above average in the first year. You will be able to draw 500.000 monthly readers now so you know with guest blogging with a good guest blogging strategy you can do that too. So let us go over the exact process of doing guest blogging. Starting a guest post and writing it from start to finish. So number one we have to come up with what sites are we actually going to write for what, who do we want a guest post for, so we need a list of target sites that we would love links from. So this could be like 100 sites that you want to link from. So to start that, we can use a tool like Ahrefs and look at competitor data. So for example this is an automotive blog. If you were them and were in the automotive space and you wanted to start building links and doing cars guest post. 

This is what you would do, you would look at these competing domains so those are the sites that are competing with your automotive website. You are going to click on referring domain of your competitors. Then you can see like all the sites they are linking to them so it is really simple so we can see such as Medium, New York Times, Eventbrite, Guardian, Zendesk. You can get this list you want to export. You can export the first 1000 rows and then you can start to manipulate this data and look at it. 

You just need basically the domain rating. You just delete all the stuff you do not need it. You can create other columns like email contact attempt. You can delete some if you like obviously Wikipedia. You do not need it so you can delete that. You have all these sorted by the authority of the site which is great. There are now a lot of good sites to reach out to so you eventually start pairing down this list. Taking things out you do not want and maybe leaving it to a few hundred that you want to reach out to so that is a great way to get your initial sites that you want to reach out to.

This work remains until you contact to each employees responsible such as content marketing directors. You can start contact each of sites contact to automotive guest post sites.

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