Getting A Hand to Build Up Modified Nissan Silvia S14

Bilding a modified Nissan Silvia S14 would need a performance upgrade such as tuning and engine modification. You probably have been knowing this car for a long time but this car is still quite good to be modified. Yes, Nissan Silvia S14 is still worth to be modified. You can see modification and custom used to build modified one.

modified nissan silvia s15

When you have chosen this car to be modified, you have choices to modify this car. You could do change to this car exterior with custom modification and interior with custom mods. This stock car has a good looking sports car. But you can modify to make it more different and you can enjoy it.

The disadvantage of this car is its body. It has big body which make it heavy. So you would need to upgrade its performance. If you have more budget, you could add turbo kit and change parts such as aftermarket intercooler, Nismo clutch, manifold, intake, cams, head gasket, tension rod, etc. You could also do engine swap if you have older version of Nissan Silvia S14. Or, you can also have a custom tuned ECU.

For exterior mods, it can include big breaks, side skirts, bumper, adjustable suspension, aftermarket hood or bonnet, roof spoiler, aftermarket front fenders, headlamps, taillamps, front grills, coilovers, wheel, tire, widebody kit, etc.

For interior mods, it can be aftermarket shift knob, steering wheel, gauges, driver seat, boost gauge, etc. This mods list are wide range of custom, so if you want to have this but the price is too high. Then you can import this car like importing JDM car.

This car also has type-R. It usually means the highest variant of all. If you happen to choose this, the performance would be so good and you can add turbo to increase much more horsepower. While a tuner or a pro can know how modify engine, we can trust on that really have experience in doing upgrade.

You can modify this car to the purpose of drifting, racing, drag racing. Because this car can be pushed to surpass beyond the limit. With SR20DET, type R, SR 20, on Nissan Silvia S14, you can have racing fulfillment.

One can modify this car to have 950 horsepower and can produce such this amount ina race without nitrous. This modified Nissan Silvia S14 is meant to use in Japan drag racing. The machine is only modified with only aftermarket parts from specific famous brand, HKS and Tomei. Drag racing would seriously abuse its drivetrain. It should be able to run in balance in highest RPM not limited to 9k. To transfer the energy to rear wheel, it used 5 speed sequential gearbox, HKS multiplate clutch and etc. It also used Type R from Greddy.

So if you like JDM sports car that is customable, this car would suit your need. There are aftermarket parts available to this car. But if you find difficulty, you can just import or buy this modified car with custom parts that you need. This can be much more easier than you buy a pre-owned car without modification.

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