Seeking The Most and The Best Modified Toyota GT86

Right now, there are lots of modified car such as modified Toyota GT86 liked by automotive newcomers. You can find many of long pre-owned GT86 being sold by the previous owner but the loyal person would not sell it. Off course, price would be different from a stock Toyota GT 86. You can see the picture of modified Toyota 86 on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other image website. For inhouse, it uses 2.0L boxer machine.

modified toyota gt86

Which one of them you think is the most modified or the best Toyota GT86 modified out there? There would be differences among one custom with other customs or modifications. Depending on your motivation, goals or aim, if you just want to see the image and choose one which one is the best, it depends on you such as your preference. But if you want to buy a new one and want to modify it, you must have times to research it first. But if you want to have pre-owned modified Toyota 86, you have to select one which is the best.

Your research determines your selection. Different people, different mind, they have different own mind and selection. So we would give you list of mods in modified Toyota GT86. There are modified parts that you like such as TRD body kit, custom cat back exhaust or exhaust system, custom wheels and tires, front and tail light, carbon fiber hood, front or rear bumber, side skirts, custom wing or spoiler, modified suspension, GT model of paddle shifter and seat, tinted window, custom brake kit, widebody kit and etc. For performance, there are upgrades such as supercharged engine and supercharger kit or machine with turbo or turbocharged engine, charge pipe, downpipe, overpipe, intercooler, and etc. The best and the most modified is not the one that has lots of modification but the one that has good look of modification and fast mods for tuners. So your experiment and research would matter for the result.

To get more speed, you just need to add turbo or supercharger to the car. Serious turbo add-up would add more horsepower to the machine. For famous brand, there are performance upgrades from HKS including supercharger kit with oil cooler and intercooler, turbo kit, boxer manifold, full exhaust system with decatted downpipe, remap, air intake, oil filter, spark plugs, head gasket, blow off valve, exhaust manifold, hybrid drop in filter, injector, air filter, gasket, bolts, brackets, header, insulator wrap, insulator cover, and etc. With this modified engine, you would be able to crank up your machine to gain up to 350 and 450 horsepower. These items might be available from HKS dealer worldwide.

For exterior mods, TRD also makes mods parts such as sideskirts, bumber, wide body, boot spoiler, shift knob and etc. Other custom mods come from Type R bodykit, Greddy and many more.

If you like it, you could see all custom parts on facebook or IG. These could be known directly from seller or tuner. Modify a car needs a lot of budget, so you need to be carefully make modification. Unless you know the person who modify, you better postpone till you find the right person who make the change.

modified gt86

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