Mini Cooper Wide Body Kit

Mini Cooper Wide Body Kit – English mini car that uses wide body kit will be look more stylish, sporty and cool. This modification will change your car style. This wide body kit will add to your car exterior and you will see the difference of it. Wide body is used typically for racing car. It is used to make the car not only look like a modified car but specifically wider. With body kit, you will be more interested into this car.

mini cooper wide body kit

Before you consider to use widebody Mini Cooper, this modification is about to change your car size to be built more wider. The size difference will not be so much bigger.

widebody mini cooper

These brands of wide body kits are available to equip your Mini Cooper. They are Liberty Walk, Aspec and so on. The package provided by Liberty Walk include front bumper and diffuser, side skirt, rear bumper with diffuser, rear wing and trunk wing as well as wide fender. The cost of Liberty Walk wide body kit is at $7500 that made by carbon while only $6100 that made by plastic. But you can choose individual wide body kit and it comes a lot cheaper than all-in-one bundle. There also goes with recommendation that it should be complement with air suspension due to how low the kit set in the car. Liberty Walk is Japanese tuning company that known for making wide body kit for sports car and super cars like Lamborghini.

Aspec is a chinese company that manufacture wide body kit. This package comes with over fender, front bumper, side skirt, rear bumper, big sized wing and three muffler on the rear.

Otherwise you can choose rather low in price which comes with the same Liberty Walk package. This is Mini Cooper Fender Flares set that deliver only 4 fixed pieces of fender flares. When you add widebody Mini Cooper, you will have a better look with this modification. Many car enthusiasts just want to have different car. This style of Mini Cooper wide body will satisfy the need of car enthusiasts. So you just need to check in your country what brands deliver the body kit. Or you can also ask the company like Liberty Walk company to ship the package. But you need to watch the video to install the bolt and so on.

There are also other brands that provide wide body kit. But the most renowned brands are Libery Walk, Rocket Bunny. Those are brands you should seek if you want to select the ones that are the most people seek. Off course, there are price differences choosing from other brands. You can have broad selection for installing wide body kit to Mini Cooper. This car is exactly mini or small vehicle and it would be better to equip with wide body extension to make it look larger or wider. You can just choose not so sound brand other that brands that are so famous but sometimes for really serious car enthusiasts, brand is also a important thing.

mini cooper wide body

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