Mini Cooper Modified to Use Daily

If you like to ride a small compact car to modify, you could choose this Mini Cooper Modified to be used daily. You do not a big car to go with your big family. Instead you could use a mini car like Mini Cooper to go with whole family. But you would need another car if you go with more than 4 people. This car only fits with 4 people. You could build a track or race car or awesome looking car.

mini cooper modified

You could also add stripes by using vinyl for Mini bonnet, side, roof number stripes. You can do a lot of modification with aftermarket parts though this car is mini. Mods can be wheel, bumper, grill, boot lid, panels, GP spoiler, widebody fenders, fixed bucket seat etc. Carbon fiber also available on parts and accessories like dash and kit replacement, shift knob, mirror caps, difusser, door handle, bonnet and so on. If you do not want a race car, a tuning would be enough to give extra power to your Mini. But if you want to build a track car, it might need engine swap that have much more power than tuning. But in modern era, your Mini already have a good engine, and you would just need to modify the engine.

mini cooper modified

Depending your car engine, the newer model would have better engine, modifying your engine would deliver more output from your car engine. This work involves adding standard kits such as new exhaust, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, air filter, carburetor, camshaft, cylinder head etc. For one that do not know about tuning or upgrade, you could be better ask for tuner or one do mods to mini. They will start immediately because they are accustomed to do it. If you have modify your engine, you also need to have car brake and radiator changed. Increasing your power meaning more heat and speed so you need heat absorber and speed braking. Or you can add supercharger or turbo to your Mini engine to rev-up.

What is good about Mini is its handling. You can make it stanced look by lowering the height. For suspension, there might be different types for different use such as track performance, street performance or street comfort. Mini is like go-kart, you can choose to low the height. However, you could not find a lower than Mini factory standard that come with 20 millimeter height drop which absolutely give more comfort ride. Other choices are to go with aftermarket parts by lowering spring, coilovers. There are many brands of those. You would be better to choose phenomenal or famous brand than cheap brand. It is good to choose reliability over price. When you buy expensive one but it is reliable is better than you buy cheap one but it would give you problems in the end. So quality is number one.

You rather be cautious if you want to use ECU tuning or mapping for you Mini. Based on one experience, it could be bad if using this. Better choice would be using turbo, induction kit, intake system, exhaust, dry flow air filter, intercooler. You could see this is a better choice than ending with breaking your Mini.

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