Ford Fusion Modified For Urban Community

When you have a budget to buy a mid-car sedan for use with community in your area, which car do you prefer? The look of Ford Fusion modified would be better than a stock car. But you might think you would get bored with the look of a stock car and you decide that you want to modify it later. In that opinion, most people would agree to modify a car to differentiate with others. Or to increase the speed of the car by upgrading turbo of this car because this car has turbo version which is turbo EcoBoost. There is also a city car which is Ford Focus but we will discuss only about Ford Fusion in this article.

ford fusion modified

If you want to give more power to this car, you could also add aftermarket performance parts or modify your car to push the limit of your car. Aftermarket parts to modify are like rear motor mount, intercooler, charge pipe, full exhaust or exhaust cat back system, cold air intake system and etc. Those parts will replace all mentioned factory parts with upgraded parts that give extra horse power to your car. In addition, when you are not satisfied with current stock turbo, you could add it with turbocharger.

For exterior modification of Ford Fusion, you can modify it with custom body kit, titanium or carbon parts, custom wheel and tires, lowered suspension, custom tinted windows, fenders, hood, hood scoops, front and rear bumper and etc. While interior mods, you can include custom leather interior, full touch screen tablet fit to the dash, new trim, new seat, and new audio system upgrade. Specific body kit can be like grilles, lip spoiler, side and rear skirts, strud kits and etc.

Ford also has its own performance division. They could have upgraded their own modification list to be higher performance. Factory setup would produce mass production with its factory limit. But the people might not like it because you would feel that you could go with more power or speed. The machine technology has developed so much than before. You can expect a good car with factory setup. Some people want to get a track car to drive in the urban area. Because they can ride a fast car in the street, so they will be able to travel more often.

Ford Fusion is mid engine sedan with the capability to be added with more power. If you could know which parts like mentioned above, you could go to a tuner to install the aftermarket parts. For a beginner, you will need a tuner or workshop to do it all for you. So you need to find a professional tuner or technician that do modification to Ford cars. But if you are just fine with exterior and interior modification, you could find accessories and parts that would change ultimate look of your car.

Based on articles, we conclude to list parts in the online market or used by Ford division or associate itself. You may visit another post about car enthusiast definition as well or another mod like slammed Mustang.

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