Lexus LS400 Modified that You Need to Know

If you a Lexus car enthusiast, you need to know about Lexus LS400. A newer generation of this is Lexus LS500. For new enthusiast, the latest 2022 Lexus LS500 is a luxury sports car that has high price tag and much better performance. And Lexus LS 400 is a popular luxury JDM car so you may look this previous generation to know this previous generation has been a path for the newest generation of LS500. For a car that is one previous generation, it is still very interesting to know about. However this car can be called classic because it was since 1989. But many has preferred this car then this counterpart and changed to a VIP car.

lexus ls400 modified

This Toyota’s LS luxury car brand has been nominated for its reliability against its competitor such as BMW and Mercedes. This car already has V8 engine so you would like this big V8 saloon. Although a big car is good but it can also be good to make it stance. For exterior modification, you can change its paint, body kit, front and rear bumper, muffler, side skirt, headlight and taillight, wheel, tire. Anyone would change this to a VIP car in the past.

Anyone who is a tuner or drifter can modify this car. For tuner modification, you can do modification to its UZ-FE engine. This car has 1UZ Toyota engine that is 250 HP. Though it is a good performance, people may feel this not fast enough. You may add turbo kit to it so it will be single turbo engine to increase its speed. Because there could be engine and brake swap, you can make this as a project car as well then you can swap the engine with JZ engine to be more aggressive. You can also upgrade its ECU with performance chip.

As you know LS is luxury sedan and 400 is engine size. For sedan enthusiast, it changed people’s mind that JDM can also be perfect choice to own a luxury sedan. And this car has been built by a lot of 60 design workers, 1400 engineers, 2300 tech workers and 200 support worker. For luxury sedan choice, it has good engine and big body built more than 20 years ago. So it is perfect for anyone who want a luxury classic car but not too old. It has AWD and RWD so this is perfect as well for drifter.

For a starter, you can modify this car to be a perfect Lexus LS400 modified. This car look classic as well as classy. But the engine that built with it is 4L V8 that can be tuning or upgraded to perform much better. So if you feel it needed upgraded, you can do engine swap but you can do tuning by adding some performance parts, it will be good.

This car has some generations before the latest LS500 such as first and second generation. This car is tunable, modified able and would be match for drifter. If you like classic car to be tuned or modified, it would be a nice choice to you.




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