Remarkable Slammed Mustang

Probably you are missing with the movie of Need for Speed, where Mustang is used by the main character of this movie with its customization. Yeah, that car is Mustang. But we will talk about low Mustang because it is used by people that like a low ride or low riders. Mustang is a muscle car which is similar to sports car with high capability of producing high performance. This Mustang fits with people with high mobility that needed to be in one place to other places within short times.

slammed mustang

Why is Mustang called by muscle car? You wonder it right. High performance American cars are called muscle cars because the size of the car is big enough and can fit into families with many members. Its outer side of Mustang is big compared to other sports car whether JDM cars or Euro cars. Also, this car is built in high performed spec. So you will not be worried about its speed or performance.

What you probably think when you hear about stanced Mustang is the question of what it look like or what it feel like to ride this customized Mustang. Customizing a Mustang is great when you need a muscle car with slammed visual. Because a street car is meant that it is not than just a car, it is more than an ordinary car. With slammed Mustang you could also probably get fined if you are too fast or on speed higher than it is permitted. Because you can be attracted to ride faster than the others, you need to be careful with this stanced Mustang.

With slammed custom, everyone expects to have different level of visual effect of a car especially for anyone who likes to photograph. Images of bagged Mustang will be more attractive for anyone who likes a muscle car. But we think that with this customized Mustang, it will be tougher to ride this car. Because it is bagged and the short suspension it uses will deliver lower car with tough suspension. There is no problem at all if you drive it on the street, but it is more convenient to have customized Mustang like this. You will not feel any problems if you have got used to it. But the problem is with the speed. You just have to remember that this car has high performance spec. It can be used for street racing. Though its speed is not changed but it will deliver more speed or you will be attracted to ride is faster.


Low rider or bagged Mustang is probably preferred for anyone who like custom car. But everyone cannot just like a car being customized for any reason. The level of customization is off course delivering high attraction to other people. The more customized of a car, the more attraction it will deliver. So Mustang is a street car that you can customize to be more visually appealing for other car enthusiasts or other people who you want to connect with. And will be there Need for Speed 2?

slammed mustang

slammed mustang

slammed mustang

slammed mustang

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