Impressive Slammed Mini Cooper

When we talk about car enthusiasts, they are people who like about cars and all its work done to improve its visual, inner or outer part of it. Mini Cooper is one of middle luxury cars that is compact size and has good handling. This is like city car used for travelling between cities. If you are not satisfied with its ride and its look, you can customize it with new suspension or spring to get lowered or it is called slammed. Slammed Mini Cooper or stanced Mini Cooper is for low rider or those who like to ride a car got lowered, slammed, stanced or bagged.

slammed mini cooper

This car is useful if you have small house with small garage or no garage. The size of it is small compared to other cars. Be it in a city street or hillside street, you can rely to this car because the size is small and have good weight and handling. It means that you can ride it along the high or low land.

Being a low ride, bagged Mini Cooper will give you less bumps where you pass on bumpy roads and it is very comfort when you ride it on up and down side of a road. When you pass through up and down of a street to where you are destined to go whether on a vacation, a meeting, self-healing, spiritual journey or self-journey and business needs, it will not give you disappointment because you will feel like you can have smoother journey riding it.

The first impression for us to see this custom car being bagged is this car will look so low because we think that this is already low, right. If you ride it, you will be amazed of this car handling can deliver. Though its compact or small, you will not feel so tight when you are inside of it. Moreover, the lower Mini Cooper can be, the easier your child whether a boy or daughter can go in. It is nice when you can have this as being low ride.

Yeah, probably you think that you will like something bigger than this car. But this stance customization would be attracting for anyone who like a low rider car. For people who think that it is not a big deal having a heavy car, low rider like low Mini Cooper will be the answer especially when you need or want a car that can deliver great handling. This is no other can compete with this car except you change your mind to have a big car is a big deal, right.

If you wonder how a low ride version of Mini Cooper can deliver a good result for you, there are many fans of Mini Cooper that have slammed this Cooper to have a low rider. If you are in the end changing your mind, you can get it back to the original version by installing the original suspension. But we think that you will not turn your mind if you already have a low Mini Cooper.

slammed mini cooper

slammed mini cooper

slammed mini cooper


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