Amazing Stanced Camry

The culture of stance for people who like low rides has brought up community of stance alone. There are many people like slammed Camry. Many owners of Camry have the idea of getting their Camry low to be low riders. Many thought that it became better in look as well as different in its riding. Especially for you that consider to get different angle of a Camry. You can see photo below of Camry getting low.

stanced camry

Camry is a wide sedan car. Its width does not need to be added anymore. So you are right if you want to make it low. The difference with other cars is that it is big enough like Honda Accord. In low ride, you still can get smooth ride in bumpy roads. The extra benefit is you will get different attention by other people or enthusiast. Because there are not too many stanced Camry around you or other stanced cars that live around you, your car would look different from anyone else.

stanced camry

Another stuff that considered by people who have bagged Camry is fitment with wheel and tire. You can also consider changing your front or rearing bumper if you like. Or you just need extra body kit on the front, side to make it look lower. There are a lot of customizations that you can choose of. For the outer side of Camry, the look will be better off. For the inside of the car, you can still ride smoothly if you can pass it to the technician who has worked as slammed car maker.

stanced camry
Credit: krawr.visualz

One thing to do is that you need to prepare for the budget. You will need to purchase aftermarket parts such as suspension that needed to make a stanced Camry. If you wanna check there are also many who changed their mind to have low rider like Camry owner because they felt they can be different with this bagged Camry.

stanced camry

JDM car like Camry owner has own enthusiast or its groups. They are family members, young people, older people but mainly young people. So there are many people like this car. There is different level of height that you can achieve for a slammed Camry.

stanced camry

We saw there is only about a few inches above the ground. So it is very low. You can expect to bring it into the street without worry. You can not get across the mountainous area where the street is up and down.

stanced camry

There are people use stance Camry for daily use, car show, car gathering, or even for promoting a brand of their workshop. Because this is work done by enthusiast or custom workers, you can not duplicate the car being low like in the pictures. But you can choose stuffs that you consider that you will bring it to the project. Like other custom cars, they choose what to use in the project.

stanced camry stanced camry

For the inspiration, there are people or specific groups that adapted stance culture in the group. You can see there are pictures of someone else work like car enthusiast if you want to see kinds of stance Camry have been adopted in their cars or another modification like modified Toyota MR2.

stanced camry

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