C7 Corvette Wide Body Kit

C7 Corvette wide body kit – What distinguish this car with other cars is its category which is muscle car. You can add wide body kit to combine it to get wider body chassis style. Like other tuners do to modify a car, you can choose from many brands available in the market. The installation of C7 Corvette wide body kit will need roughly more than one thousand bucks.

c7 corvette wide body kit

There will be different sizes added to the rear and to the front of this C7 Corvette based on the various wide body kits brand. That will vary from 4” or more than it. If you can add extra size to the body chassis, it will change the appearance to look wider, stronger or sturdy. Of course, you do not expect your car will be hit by something else like in accident. You would think adding wide body kits to C7 Corvette would bring more defenses onto you.

Except for the wider appearance, it can be to deliver more racing impression into it. That will change the perception of people to think that your car first as a muscle car then secondly as a racing car. That will suit you if you have racing community in your neighborhood.

Someone having C7 Corvette agrees to add the racing look because the racing cars have wide body than original cars used on daily. You can prove it if you watch racing movies or racing competition on Youtube or television. Although it is not for racing but its modification will effect someone to think that you like to race or racing.

As there are a lot of car communities, the muscle cars and other sports cars like JDM cars will be perfect examples that wide body kit is accepted and used in these car genres inside racing or car community. Car enthusiast will be easily attracted by this modification because wide body kit has perfect combination with muscle cars or other enthusiast cars.

This wide body kit is standalone custom body kit which anyone can directly attach to the car. This price of modification is considered to be high among other slight modification because it has extraordinary appearance to the car. When car enthusiast has a lot of budget to buy this modification, they will be eager to give it a try.

c7 corvette wide body kit

When you choose to implement wide body kit, you may get rear fender flares, side skirts, front bumper, front fenders. The material also varies. You can find best material that you like. The wheels can be expected to be wider. You may want to find best fitment for this new wheels and tires. For the information, C7 Corvette is out around 2014-2019, the seventh generation of Corvette. It is also known as Corvette Stingray.

New look after the installation wide body kit, you can also add large rear wing fit with large body. That appears to be like a monster. Because rear wing is similar like track cars for racing, this modified C7 will be better to be in a racing field.

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