Stanced Honda Fit Dreams

Stance Honda Fit is one of good car selections in stance culture. All car enthusiasts already know about the existence of stance world. You can dream about anything you want but you have to make priority about your list. For car enthusiasts, there are many cars that are put in their list such as JDM cars. This Honda Fit is one of them.

stanced honda fit
Credit: sugarwolfee

So if you want to be a car enthusiast, you need to know about stance. It is about lowering your car, getting your car low. If you are on a budget and think that you need to customize your Fit, stanced is one of the solution. There are different ideas of customization though such as add it with turbocharge, wide body kit, change with different wheel and tires, change the stock muffler with racing type muffler. You got to make a selection from the options available to customize your Honda Fit.

stanced honda fit

If you are aware of the look of lowered Honda Fit, there is fitment to complement which you can select for slammed Fit which is fitment with aftermarket wheels and tire. You can get a much better look with slammed version of Honda Fit. This culture has been tested for many different cars such as 350Z, GT86 and so on.

There are different ways of getting this Fit slammed. You can buy aftermarkets suspension or new springs. You can choose one of different ways. But off course you need to go to workshop that can do this work. There are many workshops in the country that can do it. And there are many brands of suspension or springs that you need to buy to build a slammed Honda Fit.

A good workshop will let you choose one of options available to get your car slammed. There must be a period of times that you need to wait before it gets to be slammed. But you also need to know about the works they have done. The result like testimony from other enthusiasts, or ratings given from enthusiasts on the internet, videos about the works will determine your decision and the result.

You have to consider about the value after you make your Honda Fit bagged. It will change the value of your car. There are people who are different from anyone else. If you decide to sell your Fit another day to a people who is not in with stance culture, they will decide to choose another car.

If you are curious with how lowered Honda Fit makes different, you can see the car that getting slammed is only inches away from asphalt. Fit with lowered body also add more street style into it. You can drive down the road with lowered body which means it feels you are closer to the street. When you are in a town or a city where there is another enthusiast or groups that have the interest in Honda Fit, you can get in to the community as well.


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